Donald Trump Stands Behind Students Getting Out of Debt

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( — May 3, 2016) Boca Raton, FL — In 2013, the federal government made $41.3 billion dollars through the Federal Student Loans program, something Donald Trump thinks is appalling. “That’s probably one of the only things the government shouldn’t make money off. I think it’s terrible that one of the only profit centers we have is student loans,” said Trump.

While the government makes money, many college graduates are struggling to make ends meet. The amount of money students need to pay their college tuition has been steadily growing while the federal government has done nothing to increase support to students. As a result, students must look to family to make up the difference, seek additional loans, or choose a cheaper college. Yet, when college graduates start working, the government nets a tidy sum in income tax revenue.

Students graduating with a large amount of debt face serious problems. They are often forced to delay significant life events such as getting married, having children or purchasing a home. They may be forced to take a second job, or choose employment outside of their field of study. They may retire before their student loans are paid in full.

In a recent rally, Trump told students the “only way” college could be more affordable is for the government be more involved.

One of Trump’s long-term solutions to student debt is to create more jobs in the private sector. Instead of increasing the minimum wage, he plans to create significantly better paying jobs so Americans can earn more money to be financially secure and pay down student debt faster.

Trump also plans to continue to support student loan forgiveness programs. However, with improved job options and pay, he is hoping that graduating students will have the means to pay off their debts and not need to resort to deferment or forbearance of their student loans. There is also speculation that Trump could use profits from the federal loan program to expand loan forgiveness programs or offer immediate relief to borrowers in need.

“I’m going to solve the problem, okay?” Trump promised to supporters.

He has asked Americans to just trust him on this issue.

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