Be Prepared Solar Sells Generators in All 50 US States

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( — May 4, 2016) Huntington Beach, California — Be Prepared Solar reaches a new milestone: they have made sales in every 50 US state as well as in 8 countries around the world. The company, which is a small but growing business in Utah, specializes in solar generators. They also recently celebrated their third year anniversary.

Solar power generators, Be Prepared Solar’s flagship product are a reliable backup power system that can keep critical appliances running whenever necessary. Although not large enough to run an entire house, the company’s generators can run a variety of household appliances. Not only do they provide clean and quiet power, they are also safe to use indoors, making them ideal for homes and apartments.

The company is encouraging the public to switch to solar powered generators due to their reliability and advantages over fuel generators. Fuel generators require fuel and during a disaster it is often lacking in supply. Additionally, the gas pumps may not work during a power outage. Fuel generators may also emit harmful fumes, unlike solar powered generators.

With blackouts on the rise, Be Prepared Solar ( believes that every family should have steady and reliable backup power. In the event of a natural disaster, a solar powered generator can provide power until electricity is up and running again.

Solar powered generators are also becoming more reliable than the US power grid. The power grids in the United States are highly vulnerable to natural disasters. Natural disasters, have the potential to inflict serious damage. According to a journal article, weather-related power outages take out around $18 billion to $33 billion from the US economy. Storms alone are a growing threat to the US power grid, and are also the leading cause of outages in the nation. Due to global warming and climate change, the frequency and intensity of natural disasters will only continue to increase. Because natural disasters are impossible to prevent, the ideal course of action is to be prepared when they hit.

Be Prepared Solar has a wide variety of generators available. They differ in types and capacity and can be stand-alone systems or “tie-in” systems that can be directly connected to the breaker panel. They are currently offering a $100 discount on any system until May 30, 2016. To get the discount, the code DISCOUNT100 should be used during purchase.

About Be Prepared Solar

Be Prepared Solar is a company that sells different types of solar power generators. Based in Utah, they are a growing company that was founded in 2013. Some of the solar generators they sell include stand-alone, tie-in, pure sine wave, modified sine wave, lithium, and well pumps generators.

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