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( — May 6, 2016) Chicago, Illinois — Chicago Dentist Irfan Atcha is honored to be one of the first to offer the innovative zygomatic implants—one that does not involve bone transplants—to end the struggles of chronic denture patients. The procedure, which utilizes Zygomatic dental implants, will provide new teeth to patients who could not wear implant-supported teeth on their upper jaw due to the lack of supportive bone. According to Dr. Atcha, top doctor of 2016, these new alternatives allow him to fabricate either a removable or fixed implant-supported set of teeth.

Treating the completely edentulous upper jaw with fixed implant-supported teeth has always been difficult, especially if it is suffering from moderate to severe bone loss. One procedure that has long been available is the use of bone transplant or bone grafting, usually from the patient’s skull, hip, or jaw, to supply the missing bone in the upper jaw. Because this requires a second surgical site, it is extremely costly and requires a long healing time.

However, with the cutting edge procedure that Dr. Atcha uses, the recovery time of the patient is shortened, which also lessens their post-surgical discomfort. The omission of a second surgical site makes it more cost-efficient than the bone transplant alternative as well.

Dr. Atcha treats patients with two long Zygomatic implants in the back of their upper jaw and two to four conventional implants in the front part. He says that unlike other traditional dental implant treatment which could take months and years to complete he is able to provide patients with dental implants and teeth suitable for smiling and chewing in just one day after an initial work up.

The innovative procedure will also allow patients to get all of their teeth replaced with Zygomatic dental implants. According to Dr. Atcha, many patients who suffer from the loss of teeth have to struggle with wearing removable denture prosthesis, which sometimes causes difficulty with speech and chewing. Unlike removable denture prosthesis, however, Zygomatic dental implants and the supporting teeth appear and function like the patient’s prior dentition.

Aside from the shorter duration of the treatment, the Zygomatic implant technique also has a success rate of 97% after five years, according to scientific studies. Dr. Atcha recommends this procedure to patients, especially those who are dissatisfied with their upper removable denture, since this will give them the opportunity to experience the biomechanics of their natural teeth again. Additionally, it will provide them with a proper biting force for chewing.

Dr. Atcha maintains a few private dental practice businesses, including New Teeth Indiana Dental and New Teeth Chicago Dental. He specializes in dental implants placement and restoration, Cosmetic Dentistry as well as in advanced Oral & IV sedation. To learn more about his dental implant mentorship program, visit this article for more details.

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Irfan (Ivan) Atcha DDS has been recognized as one of the top dentists in Chicago. He is a Diplomat of the International Congress Of Oral Implantologists. He maintains 2 private dental practice businesses namely New Teeth Indiana Dental and New Teeth Chicago Dental. Dr. Irfan (Ivan) Atcha specializes in dental implants placement and restoration, Cosmetic Dentistry and has completed an extensive training in advanced sedation and anesthesia.

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