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Direct mail marketing is incorrectly considered by some to be an out of date and ineffective way of marketing. With the prevalence of email, the Internet and social media, sending a tangible, hand-held envelope containing direct advertising material might seem like a waste of time, effort and money. However, statistics continue to show that most Americans appreciate and are more likely to acknowledge and respond to marketing they receive through their post box.

Popularity of Direct Mail Marketing

According to the Direct Marketing Association, over 70 percent of Americans believe that traditional post is far more personal than the Internet, email and social media. And research shows the personal approach is what people are actually looking for. Over half of the population enjoy receiving mail and would prefer actual mail as opposed to an impersonal email that is far more easily discarded without being read.

A study carried out by the United States Postal Service, more than 60 percent of direct mail receivers were influenced to visit an advertiser’s website and around 23 percent of recipients were compelled to visit an advertiser’s store location.

Direct Mail Marketing for Consumers of All Ages

 Direct mail marketing is not, like many tend to believe, only for the older demographic. In fact, research shows that as much as 92 percent of shoppers in the younger demographic state that they prefer direct mail marketing when making their purchasing decisions.

Valpak a Market Leader in Direct Mail Marketing

Valpak Direct Marketing Systems are one of the country’s market leaders in direct mail marketing. With more than 160 franchise locations throughout the United States and Canada, Valpak provide businesses with print and digital advertising solutions.

Within a $45 billion industry that continues to grow each year, Valpak deliver out to almost 40 million homes and generate Internet traffic on their website and syndication sites in excess of 110 million.

All State Franchise Finders Represents Valpak

All State Franchise Finders are the franchising experts and work with entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking to take on a business franchise opportunity. All State Franchise Finders offers potential business owners offers expert advice to assist people in acquiring a franchise business to suit their specific financial and personal needs and goals.

The team at All State Franchise Finders, led by Derek Cafferata, CEO, are proud to represent Valpak Direct Marketing Systems. For any information about the possibility of becoming a Valpak franchisee, please feel free to contact All State Franchise Finders on 1-800-544-2161 or visit today.

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