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( — May 12, 2016) Vancouver, BC — is a new on-line marketplace that is about to take the concept of peer to peer or community sharing to new levels. The Vancouver based startup is on track to launch their service in the summer of 2016 – where customers can lend or borrow virtually anything with each other. Loosely described as AirBnB for all your underutilized belongings, the innovative company showcases the benefits of a ‘sharing economy’, while connecting lenders of items to borrowers all over Greater Vancouver. While UrbanShare will assess a small fee for safely and conveniently connecting customers together, users will have access to a diverse range of products, and items. The idea is to help users save time, money, and facilitate interaction between neighbors in local communities across Vancouver’ Lower Mainland and eventually across Canada. This fresh concept of a P2P venture is hoping to capitalize on the recent popularity of the sharing marketplace.

A collaborative consumption concept is perfect for those that own a myriad of items and products. From video games and  electronics;  sporting gear and kitchen equipment to clothing and party supplies – allows customers to lend and borrow items with other customers. The company seeks to create an opportunity for its users to earn a decent side income by freeing up space and sharing among community members. Their web portal and corresponding smartphone app will ensure that it’s as simple as snapping a few photos of items, adding descriptions, and setting reasonable rates for potential borrowers, All transactions will also be covered by the “UrbanShare $1000 Guarantee” and anyone can join for free.  The guarantee provides peace of mind for lenders and borrowers should something go wrong and an item is accidentally damaged or lost for instance.

This is truly a fresh take on the P2P experience, where customers can reap the benefits of  collaborative consumption. From  rarely used items to discarded brands, this is a new and local place to turn excess and  underutilized stuff into fast and convenient cash. Most of all, customers can meet new people and build relationships within their communities. UrbanShare founders saw the recent trends in P2P lending and other avenues like ridesharing and accommodations and thought the time was right for a new level of local, one-on-one lending and borrowing – and as such was born. 

The startup’s philosophy explains that access trumps ownership. Instead of paying retail prices and dealing with storage issues, why not borrow anything customer needs at a fraction of the cost?  The online marketplace helps customers save time, money and resources – and will continue to grow and expand the community of collaborative consumers in Vancouver and adjacent areas. Currently in pre-beta testing, the platform is due to launch in Greater Vancouver  In summer of 2016. 


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About UrbanShare

UrbanShare is a trusted local Vancouver online marketplace for neighbors to lend and borrow anything in the community. Whether you need a floor sander for small renovations, a bouncy castle for kids’ party, a tent for a camping trip, roof racks for a weekend Whistler trip, or a telescope for a stargazing night out, UrbanShare will help find it all safely and conveniently. Whatever you need – chances are, somebody in the neighborhood is willing to lend it to you. We’re a fun lending and borrowing marketplace with a fresh take on P2P (Peer to Peer) lending!


422 Richards St
Vancouver, BC V6B2Z4