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(Newswire.net — May 18, 2016) Tampa, Florida — Many people think that professional rental property managers and real estate brokers are interchangeable.  While both groups may occupy similar spaces in the property field, each has its own unique approach to the industry. Clayton Kennedy, President and founder of the Tampa, Florida-based Gain Management property management firm, discusses what differentiates the two types of professional. The most critical difference, according to Clayton, is the mindset. “A real estate salesperson is always thinking in the short term, such as when the next deal will close,” says Clayton. “A property manager, on the other hand, is looking more toward building long-term relationships with property owners and tenants alike.” To learn more about Gain Management, visit www.gainpropertymanagement.com/about-us.

Real estate professionals rely on a constant stream of new clients, and competition is fierce to secure lucrative sales contracts and commissions.  Rental property managers differ in that their perception revolves around the services they offer and the types of relationships they are able to develop with their clients. Good rental property managers spend time analyzing a client’s future needs; effective long-term planning helps protect the property investment of the client through management and maintenance.  “Good performance in the property management field is tracked over years, not days,” adds Clayton.  Another vital difference in the mindsets between the two professional groups is that real estate agents tend to be more individualized and often work alone to secure deals, while a good property management firm utilizes a team of tenant representatives, vendors, accounting personnel, and maintenance workers to support the needs of tenants and property owners.

Software developments have revolutionized the property management industry, and Gain Management is at the forefront of that revolution.  They are the first and only company to offer powerful software to their clients – the very same software the firm uses in its daily operations. This software and structure allows property owners to handle many of the management aspects themselves if they desire. “Managers working from paper files or generic bookkeeping software simply cannot provide the immediate and interactive relationship needed,” says Clayton. “The new software tools available create a highly efficient, and therefore more profitable, relationship for all parties concerned.” For more information on Gain Management and their unique take on the property management industry, visit their website at www.gainpropertymanagement.com.

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