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( — May 18, 2016) Carlsbad, California — Disagreements can arise when county tax authorities assess the value of a property.  Homeowners can appeal the assessed value, but several steps must be undertaken in order to receive a fair, impartial decision.  TCO Appraisals in San Diego County, California, have helped many property owners with part of the process:  tax assessment appraisals.  A current appraisal of the property’s current market value is a critical component of the appeals process, and TCO Appraisals specializes in providing its customers with fair, accurate, and objective valuations.  Homeowners can use the report generated by the experts at TCO Appraisals as part of the appeal. “Once a property owner receives their county tax appraisal, they have the right to appeal,” says Todd Ortlieb, company president.  “Our appraisals are used in the tax appeal hearing as the documentation required for a decision.”  To learn more about tax assessment appraisals, visit

Property tax rates may not reflect current market conditions, especially in areas that have faced downturns in the real estate market.  Many homeowners are discovering that their properties’ taxes are being assessed at rates prior to the collapse of the real estate prices in their locations. Sometimes, it is as simple as calling the tax authorities to straighten out the tax assessment, but in most cases, a current property appraisal is required.  Hiring a professional real estate appraiser who understands the process is critical to initiate a dispute with municipal tax assessors.  Overvalued homes can contribute to excessive taxes and loss of income as a result, so it makes sense to dispute assessed property values if the assessed rate is not in line with surrounding homes.

TCO Appraisals offers its customers a wide variety of appraisal services, including those for estate planning, trusts, divorces, and mortgage lending.  The company has made a name for itself in Southern California for its professionalism and outstanding customer care; reports are objective and impartial.  TCO Appraisals boasts a quick turnaround time for its appraisal reports, which is good news for time-critical tax appeals. With over 20 years of experience in the appraisal field, Todd’s company has become a leader in the industry.  For more information on the company and its range of appraisal services, visit their website at

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TCO Appraisals is the leading property appraisal expert in the San Diego County area of California and has a long list of satisfied customers throughout the region. The firm offers a full range of appraisal services to its clients. From real estate buyers and sellers to seniors planning their estates, TCO Appraisals’ expertise allows them to provide clients with the most accurate, objective, and reliable appraisals in the industry.

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