Personal Growth Guru Claims World’s Population is Dwelling in Remorse

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( — May 18, 2016) Henfield, West Sussex — English-born Andy Shaw has invested the last ten years researching into the impacts that mental chaos and distress can have on an individual’s life. His newly released ‘Saltori Thinking System’ looks into every piece of research study he has conducted over this time, in an attempt to offer each person on this Earth a chance to increase their mind’s potential, motivate a favorable state of mind, and bring the world back up to scratch.

Writing on his personal development website, Shaw specified: “The world dwells in remorse… It’s like a swamp with adults buried past their necks in remorse. Automatically, they yell to the young to come and join them in this sea of self-pity, however what they do not recognize is that this is just developing an abundance of things to be sorry for throughout their lives.”

Shaw continued to describe that remorse in itself is ‘pure insanity’, but it is the method in which modern-day individuals have actually been taught to live their lives. He concludes that “Everyone’s mind is a development machine – whatever people choose to keep their dominant attention to becomes an ultimate truth. Time invested in regret is not just wasted, it is in fact destroying the future.”

Shaw’s Saltori System is made up of hardback novels, audio books, videos and international web online forums that collaborate to encourage a more positive outlook on life in an attempt to completely get rid of regret from the surface area of the Earth entirely. Shaw routinely releases complimentary downloads, posts and videos on his site, together with a multitude of character tests and helpful personal development tips, as well as an in-depth background to his Saltori thinking research.

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