Isopure Water on Los Angeles Water Quality Concerns

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( — May 19, 2016) Santa Ana, California — A water quality crisis is striking Los Angeles, California, and surrounding cities. Isopure Water, a global leader in the water filtration industry, recently spoke about some of the safety issues surrounding reports of cloudy water, particularly in south Los Angeles. Water contamination concerns at several elementary schools in South L.A. led to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power being called to test water coming from drinking fountains and other fixtures in the schools. As a precaution, students were instructed not to drink from the fountains; bottled water was supplied. “Water contamination can strike at any moment,” says Tan Pham, CEO of the water treatment experts at Isopure. “This contamination can come from many sources, and can severely impact the health of city residents.” According to Tan, water treatment facilities face occasional equipment failures, leading to contaminated water in the supply lines. Rainfall events, pipe ruptures, and chemical spills are common causes of water pollution as well. To learn more about water contamination and the steps needed to filter it from an industry leader, visit

Water filtration systems like those sold by Isopure Water make good sense when water contamination is an issue. By having filtration units in place, potentially dangerous water quality events can be safely handled, even if the homeowner is not aware there’s a problem. “Water filtration gives peace of mind, working quietly to protect water quality in the home,” adds Tan. “With many options available, there is a perfect system for every need.” In fact, Isopure’s Certified Water Specialists on staff and accreditation through the Water Quality Association can help consumers pick the proper equipment and accessories for their unique situations and water quality concerns. Certain types of water filtration systems carried by Isopure separate out contaminants like organic chemicals, sediment, and bacteria. Other systems sold by the company purify water using ultraviolet light or ozone, eliminating dangerous microorganisms. A full range of water conditioning systems like water softeners and filters are available as well. Replacement water filters and an extensive stock of repair parts complete the selection. With regular media reports of water contamination and failing infrastructure, cities across the nation face uncertainties when it comes to drinking water safety. The water situation in Los Angeles may be temporary, but filtration and purification systems are sound long-term investments for homeowners throughout the United States. For more information about the water treatment retailer, visit

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