Dr. Devon Golding Commemorates St. Louis Cooling House

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(Newswire.net — May 20, 2016) Saint Louis, MO — On the 11th anniversary of the establishment of the St. Louis Cooling House, founder Dr. Devon Golding discussed the facility and the impact it had on the lives of many poor families in the nearby metropolitan area. The facility, started in 2004, was brought about to help people find shelter and medical services when there was severe storm flooding in the city. It was first designed as a rescue house with twelve beds for indigent patients. The following year, record high temperatures became a serious health threat to those without adequate shelter. Dr. Golding pressed the facility into service once more, this time as a cooling house for rescuing the poor who had no electricity or air conditioning. Several patients required oxygen, and several other bed-ridden patients remained in the facility for up to two weeks until it was safe for them to return to their residences.  His compassionate work was recognized by the local community; the establishment was credited with saving many lives during storm weather and summer temperatures above 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dr. Devon Golding grew up in Jamaica and received his medical training in the Caribbean and in England.  He knew first-hand how damaging heat and storms could be to the poor communities in those areas, and his hard work was instrumental in helping refugees of the environmental catasprophe find the medical care and shelter they needed during difficult times. He is known for his work among the underserved African-American neighborhoods in St. Louis and has partnered time and again with organizations like the city health department and the Gateway Society to further his charitable works.

When not working with the poor and the elderly residents of his city, Dr. Golding works at a board-certified family practice physician at hospitals in St. Louis. He specializes in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. His medical practice has him demonstrating the kindness and care he has become known for, approaching his regular patients with the same unbridled compassion he displays when working with charities in the area. Dr. Golding’s work has led him to be recognized by hospitals, charities, and professional organizations for nearly his entire medical career.

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With an upbringing in Jamaica and professional education in the West Indies, family physician Dr. Golding specializes in acute drug and alcohol addiction treatment. He is known by his patients and colleagues alike for his passion in helping the indigent population get the healthcare they deserve and has been instrumental in creating innovative medical solutions for the people of St. Louis, Missouri. He donates his free time by performing charitable contributions for communities in and around the St. Louis region.

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