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( — May 23, 2016) San Clemente, California — As new generation home automation devices gain market traction, it can be difficult for consumers to keep up with Smart Home trends and products. The experts at understand that homeowners need timely, accurate information in order to make smart purchasing decisions. The company offers in-depth reviews of smart home automation devices and industry news from a consumer perspective on their website, By attending industry trade shows, the company can bring its site visitors the information they need before buying. “Trade shows are a great way to get our hands on new home automation products,” says Art Feierman, founder of Smarter Home Automation. “Not all of the products displayed at the shows are brand new. Some are prototypes or new releases, but many others are updated versions of recent products.” For a detailed look at the industry’s best home products visit To read full in-depth reviews of the latest gear, go to

Some of the smart home automation devices on the market are designed to work as part of larger eco-systems, such as Apple’s HomeKit, Amazon’s Echo, and Samsung’s SmartThings Hub. Others integrate into existing home Wifi systems or serve as standalone devices, including the Roost Smart Battery, LIFX LED bulbs, Kwikset’s Bluetooth powered Kevo locks, the Ecobee3 home thermostat, and many more. Most of these home automation devices and systems can be controlled from anywhere in the world using a smartphone app interface, giving homeowners the peace of mind that their homes are secure when away on travel.

Perhaps the biggest trend in smart home automation is the ability to control your home by voice, with Personal Assistants like Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa.

“Voice control is just too easy”, says Art Feierman, “in fact, from experience, I can tell you that after you are used to turning lights on and off, setting scenes, adjusting the thermostat by voice, having to go to your phone or tablet and tapping to open an app, then more taps as you find the right menus, etc., seems downright barbaric, or at least, a pain.” 

Smarter Home Automation shares with its site visitors which devices support the Apple and Amazon personal assistants. The website is packed with reviews, product profiles, and video content to help homeowners choose the right products for their needs and to set up the devices properly. By providing objective reviews and the latest information from around the smart home industry, the company has quickly become the trusted resource for individuals interested in adding smart connected products to their homes. For more information on the company and its online resources, visit

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