April Showers 5-Star Reviews for Car Seat Protector by Freddie and Sebbie

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(Newswire.net — May 25, 2016) Las Vegas, Nevada — Specifically designed to keep mud, stains and liquids at bay, Freddie and Sebbie’s Car Seat Protector is proving to be a huge success from every corner of the US.

Speaking on behalf of the brand, co-owner Neil Speight stated: “The most surprising thing we have seen from our near-to-500 reviews for this product alone, is that people seem to have spent a lot of money shopping around, buying inferior products. The amount of reviews we have had that have stated they’ve tried so many leading brands, but to no avail is truly astonishing. It’s a real testament when customers tell others to skip the chase, and purchase Freddie and Sebbie products right away.”

Speaking of the protector, one of the latest 5-star reviews for the product reads: “Love! We have purchased A LOT of car seat protectors and this is the best one yet! I have 3 children ranging in age from an infant to a 7 year old – so we have a variety of car seats. This cover is made of quality material and is large enough to cover the width and length of our car seats (provides protection from dents on my leather seats in the van as well as protecting/containing spills and muddy feet). I also love the strap that buckles around the head rest to prevent sliding or rolling. Wish I discovered this first so I wouldn’t have wasted money on protectors that were thin, small and ineffective! Absolutely recommended!”

Freddie and Sebbie’s Car Seat Protectors have been on the market for almost three years now, and have so far received an astounding 427 independent Amazon-verified reviews, giving the product an average score of 4.5 stars out of a perfect 5. It’s unique wraparound design ensures a snug, yet protective fit for any vehicle of any size, whilst its anti-slip backing is sure to hold up against even the wiggliest of kids.

Freddie and Sebbie’s Car Seat Protector is available to buy online on their unique Amazon Marketplace storefront, whilst their entire range is available to view on freddiandsebbie.com.

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