Six Years In Business 75M Cellphones Unlocked

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( — May 26, 2016) Astatula, Florida — Apple Database recently marked its sixth year in business with a record breaking 75 million cellphones unlocked all over the world. The tech firm was launched in March 2010, and it has since become the leader in the cellphone unlocking industry. The company started out specializing in unlocking iPhones and has since branched out to the other prominent cellphone brands. Today, Apple Database offers its unlocking services to owners of all makes and models of cellphones.

As handy and convenient as cellphones are, most models are often factory ‘locked’ to one carrier service or another. Although this makes perfect sense from a marketing standpoint, it limits versatility for end users, particularly those who would prefer to use another carrier or bring their phone overseas. This is why a cellphone unlocking service like Apple Database is so useful.

Apple Database is the essential service for cellphone users who wish to change carriers. Cellphone carriers tend to provide differing levels of service quality and signal strength depending on the location, meaning, a cellphone locked to a particular carrier may provide unsatisfactory service in certain areas. Customers who wish to take advantage of better carrier service will benefit from having their phone unlocked by Apple Database.

Overseas travelers who want to avoid costly roaming charges should also consider having their phones unlocked by the firm. By doing so, travelers can use their phones with a local service provider and therefore enjoy cheaper local rates on calls and data.

Apple Database unlocks all types of phones and enables their use with any GSM network in the world. Cellphone users are therefore no longer restricted to the service provider that their cellphone was locked to, making their units more useful and versatile. Unlocked cellphones also tend to be easier to sell, which makes them an attractive option for those in the cellphone retail business.

Apple Database ( makes it remarkably easy for owners to get their phone unlocked, with no technical experience necessary. In fact, owners won’t even have to send their phones in for unlocking. Apple Database technicians will only ask customers to provide their specific IMEI numbers.

Apple Database has racked up an impressive track record of successfully unlocked phones in its six years of operation. The company is able to unlock all iPhones regardless of iOS or Baseband version, and any version Android phone as well.  

About AppleDatabase

Apple Database is a professional cellphone unlocking service that has been operating since March 2010. In the six years that the company has been in business, it has unlocked more than 75 million cellphones. Today, the company continues to be the leading name in cellphone unlocking services, handling not only iPhones, but all other makes and models of cellphones from around the world.


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