A+ Appliance on How to Prepare Refrigerators for Summer

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(Newswire.net — May 26, 2016) Stratford, Ontario — A+ Appliance Inc. is providing useful tips that will prepare refrigerators for the warmer weather in the next few months. The company is a privately-owned business specializing in the prompt and professional repair of major home appliances.

The company suggests homeowners have some maintenance done on their refrigerators to improve their efficiency during the summer. This mostly involves cleaning the refrigerator’s condenser coils, which are a very important part of every refrigerator’s sealed refrigerant system.

A refrigerator not cooling is often caused by dirty condenser coils. These coils cool down the hot refrigerant vapors inside their tubes. However, they will not be able to push out this heat successfully if they are covered in dust. The heat is prevented from escaping by accumulated dust, which causes the temperature inside the fridge to get warmer. This makes it harder for the fridge to cool. In order to avoid this, A+ Appliance Inc. suggests that refrigerator coils be cleaned at least once a year, preferably before the summer months come.

Cleaning the condenser coils will not only improve the fridge’s efficiency but will also reduce your electricity bill. The warmer temperature in the fridge caused by dirty condenser coils will cause the compressor to cycle refrigerant more times than normal, causing the compressor to use more energy. This is a huge disadvantage to homeowners since it increases the electricity bill but decreases the refrigerator’s efficiency.

Fortunately, cleaning the condenser coils is not a very difficult task. The accumulated dust on them just needs to be removed by vacuuming, and this can be done by homeowners themselves. A+ Appliance Inc. offers cleaning and maintenance services on refrigerators to busy homeowners.

According to the company, condenser coils are not always in the same place, so homeowners have to find their location first. They may be found on the back of the unit or under it just behind the base grille. Some units also have the condenser coils right on top of them. A+ Appliance Inc. (www.aappliance.ca) has also stated the importance of unplugging the unit from the power supply before cleaning. This will prevent the possibility of an electric shock.

To maximize a refrigerator’s efficiency after cleaning the condenser coils, A+ Appliance Inc. says that it should be placed a few inches away from the wall to allow air to circulate better. The company also recommends homeowners to clean out the unit to give air more space to circulate inside.

These tips will improve the refrigerator’s efficiency and help reduce the electricity bill as well as increase the life of the unit.

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