Lanny Wolfe Joins Calvary Project, Contributes 6 Songs

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( — May 27, 2016) Sugar Land, Texas — Lanny Wolfe recently came onboard an upcoming 3 Angel Broadcasting Network recording project as part of the creative team. Scheduled for release in 2016, the project is entitled Cavalry, and will feature songs with themes related to Cavalry and redemption. The project includes three original Lanny Wolfe classic compositions: “Precious Blood”, “Praise His Holy Name”, and “Precious Lamb of God”.

A multi-awarded singer, songwriter, performer, and recording artist, Lanny has also co-written three songs for the project, all of which abundantly display his consistently high songwriting caliber. “It Was Love” partners Lanny with the talented songwriter/artist Danny Shelton, with Lanny’s own daughter, Lanna-Marie Wolfe-Chatman also sharing in the songwriting role. The song features Danny Shelton as soloist.

“Love Found A Way” is a collaborative work between Lanny and Melody Shelton Firestoneand it features the trademark style of composition for which Lanny has become recognized in the worship music field.

“Gethsemane” is a powerfully, emotional, heart-warming ballad that brings together the creative talents of Lanny Wolfe and Danny Shelton, with both composers’ unique abilities highlighted to marvelous effect. The song features the vocal talents of legendary Nashville/Grand ’Ole Opry singer Reggie Smith, who is also the producer of Calvary.

Reggie himself is one of the more recognizable figures in the worship music scene, having been associated with a number of high-profile projects by 3 Angel Broadcasting Network and Gaither Music Company among others.

The second largest Christian TV network in the United States, 3 Angel Broadcasting Network (3ABN)is a media conglomerate based in West Frankfort, Illinois. The company currently owns 120 TV stations around the world, and is comprised of nine networks3ABN, 3ABN Francais, 3ABN Latino, 3ABN Proclaim!, 3ABN Russia, Dare To Dream, 3ABN Radio, 3ABN Kids Network, and 3ABN MusicAll 3ABN networks broadcast around-the-clock, seven days a week.

Along with Lanny and producer Reggie Smith, the Calvary project also features the orchestration talents of Kris Wilkinson. A Nashville A-lister who has racked up an impressive resume working with scores of national and international talents, Wilkinson is a multi-awarded composer and arranger with an extensive career in cinema and television.

Also part of the Calvary project is the famed Aeolian choir/Oakwood University and other 3ABN talents. The project is currently nearing the completion stage, and is slated for release in early June 2016. Calvary will be premiered at the 3ABN camp meeting to be held on June 10, an event that will feature various 3ABN artists, among them Reggie and Ladye Love Smith.

Creative team: L-R  Melody Shelton Firestone, 3ABN artist and co-writer of new song “Love Found A Way;” Lanny Wolfe;” Kris Wilkinson, orchestrator;

Danny Shelton, Artist, Songwriter, president of 3ABN; Ladye Love Smith, 3ABN artist; E.T. Everett, Mgr of 3ABN Sound Studio; and Reggie, Artist and Producer of the project.

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Lanny is a multi-awarded singer, songwriter, performer, and recording artist with an extensive record of accomplishments in the music scene. With 700 songs, 14 musicals, and 70 recording projects to his name, Lanny is one of the most recorded songwriters in the worship and gospel music industries. In 1984, Lanny’s “More Than Wonderful” won two GMA Dove Awards: Song of the Year and Songwriter of the Year.

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