High Throughput Drug Screening Firm Expands Collections

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(Newswire.net — June 3, 2016) Gaylordsville, Connecticut — MicroSource Discovery Systems, Inc. (MDSI) has just expanded their Pharmakon Collection from 1600 to 1700 compounds, causing their Spectrum Collection to expand as well. The company is a provider of a comprehensive and economical source of chemically diverse drugs, natural products and bioactive compounds for high throughput screening in academia and the pharmaceutical industry.

MDSI’s Pharmakon Collection now offers the 1360 drugs in their US Drug Collection and the 400 drugs from their International Drug Collection in one single product. The product is available in 96 well microplates, either as a 5mg solid sample in glass vials or 10mM DMSO solution.

The expansion of the company’s Pharmakon Collection has also led to the expansion of their Spectrum Collection, which now features 2560 compounds. This collection offers structurally diverse and biologically active compounds that allow for an optimum opportunity for discovery in established and new bioassays. Just like the Pharmakon Collection, the Spectrum Collection is also available in solid or DMSO solution form.

Founded in 1993, MicroSource Discovery Systems, Inc. was the first to introduce test compounds in a microplate format. For 23 years, the company has maintained their high quality standards as well as their superior customer support. Their products have been used in HTS development and new drug discovery programs in both the academe and the pharmaceutical industry. The company has provided quality screening libraries for over 20 years now and continues to support the biology research industry.

The compounds in their drug collections are chosen from thousands of commercial drugs based on biological activity and novelty in structure. All of their collections are offered in dimethyl sulfoxide solution at a concentration of 10 millimolar. These solutions, which are offered in Matrix ScreenMates 96 well plates, are contained in 1.4ml tubes at a density of 80 compounds per plate. The tubes are sealed using ScreenMates cap strips.

In addition to their Pharmakon and Spectrum Collections, MDSI is offering their Discover Collection, which has 560 bioactive compounds that have yet to reach clinical development; the US Drug Collection, which has 1360 compounds that have already reached clinical trials in the United States; the International Drug Collection, which contains 400 compounds either made or marketed in Europe and/or Asia; and the NatProd Collection, which contains 800 pure natural products.

MDSI also offers Killer Plates that contain 160 synthetic and natural toxic substances as well as the Agro Collection, which features 160 diverse bioactive compounds used in agrochemical and veterinary applications. To learn more about the company, visit www.msdiscovery.com.

About MicroSource Discovery Systems Inc.

MicroSource Discovery Systems, Inc. (MDSI) is a provider of chemically diverse drugs, pure natural products, and bioactive compounds to multiple industries in the United States, including the Academia, pharmaceutical industry and biology research industry. Founded in 1993, the company pioneered the testing of compounds in a microplate format.

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