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(Newswire.net — June 6, 2016) Ft Lauderdale, FL — Heritage Cremation Provider, a nationwide service provider of affordable cremation services says they are seeing a rise in cremation popularity. The Cremation Association of North America  also reports that by 2018, cremation is projected to exceed burial rates at 50.6%. When asked for the reason(s) behind this, Heritage funeral director AJ Styles commented,

“Traditional funerals with burials are increasingly expensive. Families should be prepared to pay thousands more for a funeral over the cost of cremation. There’s also a rising trend in this technique due to eliminating misconceptions behind the process. Many believe that direct cremation means that there are no services to honor loved ones and that simply isn’t true. Many people now prefer cremation when describing their final wishes to loved ones, too.”

Mr. Styles says that a number of expenses can often be eliminated with a cremation, such as embalming, expensive grave plots, expensive caskets, hearse transportation between a funeral home and a cemetery, and other expenses, as well, “The final costs range significantly between funerals and other services. Burial and funeral costs are often double or greater than the aforementioned technique.. At Heritage, we offer services from $695 and up. This is a big difference from the average cost of $7000-$10K for a traditional funeral/burial.”

Mr. Styles says that another benefit is the fact that the urn provides a portable memorial for the family. With many families moving across state lines, having an urn with a loved one’s cremated remains can be comforting. Memorial jewelry and other options are also rising in popularity, enabling multiple family members to have a keepsake of their loved one.

“Many believe that cremation is a greener and more eco-friendly alternative to traditional burials, too,” says Mr. Styles, “We’ve seen a rise in popularity of people scattering ashes or placing them in a natural setting instead of purchasing an expensive burial plot and paying for landscaping and ongoing upkeep.”

Heritage says that they pride themselves on their extensive offerings enabling families to personalize funeral or memorial services while saving money, honoring their loved ones in a dignified way.


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