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(Newswire.net — June 7, 2016) El Paso, Texas — As humans age, many people grow displeased by their appearance. The aestheticians and medical staff at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery understand that patients have different desires, wishing to appear younger or wanting to correct age’s effects on the skin of the face.

The face typically shows the first signs of aging. “Changes in appearance are caused by gravity, diminished facial volume, and exposure to the sun and pollution,” says Griselda Oaxaca, the marketing director for the surgical practice. “Wrinkles and loose skin can make you look angry, tired, or older than your real age.” In addition, some patients do not care for the appearance or shape of certain parts of their face, such as their nose, the lips, or the chin, and want to bring symmetry to their features or to change the appearance of that part altogether. 

For facial rejuvenation, there are two major options: surgical or non-surgical. While there are benefits to each, some patients wonder if perhaps they can use non-surgical methods to avoid the time and money that must be invested in a surgical procedure. Depending on one’s age and how well a person has taken care of their skin over the years, some patients might be a good candidate for non-surgical facial rejuvenation with dermal fillers, BOTOX®, lasers such as ActiveFX, Fraxel, or the latest ultrasound treatment like Ultherapy. Even some older patients who have protected their skin well over the years may be able to achieve the look they desire without the need for surgery. For more information on the types of non-surgical procedures available through the practice, visit www.elpasoplasticsurgery.com/non-surgical-facial-rejuvenation.

For those whose cosmetic needs are a bit more extensive, surgical facial rejuvenation – such as a face lift, brow lift, neck lift, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) or fat injections – will often be the best option to restore a youthful appearance or to bring balance to the facial features. Should this be the case, cosmetic injectables can still be utilized in combination with surgery to help enhance the ultimate result. It is also important to note that if an individual is not healthy enough for facelift surgery due to a medical risk factor such as a cardiac condition, cosmetic injectables can still be a viable alternative for facial rejuvenation. To learn more about El Paso Cosmetic Surgery, visit their website at www.elpasoplasticsurgery.com

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