Crucial Questions To Ask Before Signing With a Temp Agency

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( — June 9, 2016) — If you’re having trouble getting started in a career field, a temporary employment agency like Tab Staffing is often a good place to begin. They will supply you with a variety of opportunities that will help you gain the experience you need for the career path you want. However, if you have never used a temp agency, the process can appear daunting. Below are some questions you should ask in order to gain more insight into an agency, and ultimately help decide which temp agency is right for you.

The Environment

First off, you’ll want to know some basic information about the agencies you are considering. While you may be able to do some research beforehand, you often cannot get a real feel for them until you are there in person. Below are some questions to ask to gain a good insight into the agency’s environment.

•How many years have you been in the temporary employment business?

•Which companies are your main clients?

•Is there any particular industry you focus on?

•What kinds of job areas do you cover?

•Can you please tell me the last few positions you filled in my field?

•How do you decide which candidates are appropriate for the position?

•Will your services cost me anything?

If the answer to the last question is anything but a resounding no, don’t even bother. Any respectable temporary employment agency should be free for those seeking out employment.


After deciding if the temp agency is one you would like to work with, you’ll need to find out what sort of regulations they have, especially regarding the employment process, during employment, and after employment.

•Will I be contacted about available positions, or will I have to routinely reach out to you?

•If there is a position I am not interested in, can I refuse it?

•What happens if I accept a position, but it turns out to be wrong for me?

•What kind of support do you offer? (i.e. interview help, resume building, skill workshops, etc.)

•Will this support cost me anything?

•What happens if the company offers me a full time position?

Pay and Additional Benefits

Finally, you’ll want to know just what sort of pay you can expect, how they will track it, and if there are any additional benefits for working with their agency.

•What sort of pay scale can I expect for the positions in my field?

•When, and how often will I be paid?

•Will I be responsible for tracking my hours?

•Is overtime available to me, and if so, what is the rate of pay?

•Does your agency offer any additional benefits, such as health insurance?

•How do I become eligible for those benefits?

To Sum It All Up

These questions won’t necessarily determine if a temp agency is completely right for you. However, they will help you decide if the agency in question is completely wrong for you. Questions like these will greatly aid in your search for the temp agency that meets your needs.


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