SpyStealth Phone Launches Tracking Software

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(Newswire.net — June 12, 2016) — Many of us have been a position where we need to keep track of how a phone is being used, whether that is a child or an employee, and have been confused by the vast array of software available to do that. SpyStealth is a phone tracking software that offers much more than just monitoring of calls, allowing you to keep track of how exactly how device is being used in great detail.

The Basics

SpyStealth does, of course, allow you to monitor who is being called from the chosen device, when the phone call was made and how long it lasted, but also allows you to keep track of messages sent from the device. SpyStealth also monitors any SMS or MMS messages sent from the device, allowing you to see the content of the message as well as who it is sent to, as well as also monitoring any messages sent through any other application including WhatsApp, Facebook and iMessenger. The software allows you comprehensive coverage of however the device is used to contact people, as well as a range of other features.

Other Features

SpyStealth goes further than just monitoring how the device is used to contact others, allowing you to view a complete history of websites visited using the device, as well as sending you links to any YouTube videos watched on the device. The software even allows you to view any notes made using the device, all photographs and videos taken and stored, and even lets you track the location of the device. By using GPS tracking the software will allow you to view where the device has been or currently is, letting you pinpoint the exact location, either currently or previously, of your child or employee (dependant on the availability of GPS signal).

Next Steps

So you’ve used SpyStealth successfully to keep track of your child or employee, but decide their use of the device is unacceptable. The software allows you several options of what to do next. SpyStealth allows you to block, or restrict use of any application on the device remotely. It also allows you to go further, by locking or wiping the device remotely by using SMS commands. SpyStealth can also send you alerts for any use of profanity on the device, or if it is used to contact a particular person.

SpyStealth allows you to keep an eye on your child or employee easily, and is simple to use. The software is compatible with all major operating systems, including Android and Apple, and can be installed on up to three devices. The software is regularly updated to ensure you have access to all the latest available features, and should you ever encounter issues with the software, or have any queries regarding its use, there is a team available 24/7 to answer any questions and attempt to solve any issues you may have. It is also worth noting that after installing the SpyStealth software on the chosen device, you have the option to keep the SpyStealth logo hidden, which could help you to avoid any tense or awkward conversations with your child or worker, while still meeting all of your phone tracking needs.

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