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( — June 15, 2016) Clark, New Jersey — Giuseppe Grammatico, owner of Grammatico Enterprises that is affiliated with Heits, interviews Ray Burns—one of the many franchisees who have found success owning a franchise through Heits. Giuseppe asks Ray several questions about his success and how he got to where he is now. 

Giuseppe starts out by asking Ray about the critical steps he took that led him to where he is today. Ray provides a simple and direct response, saying that he just had to work hard, be reliable and communicate. Ray puts a lot of emphasis on communication and also includes it as one of the things that make him successful. “The biggest thing I think is communication; everyone just needs to know what’s going on,” says Ray. 

Apart from communication, Ray states that in order to be successful, “You have to work hard—not back-breaking—but hard” and that you need to be “responsible” and be what the “the client relies on”.

Before he started his business, Ray says that he cleaned for a store as his job. After several years in the job, he was finally inspired to do it for himself instead of someone else, and then started his own cleaning business. Now, with his own business he gets cleaning contracts on his own and bids on Heits contracts. “This union with Heits has opened the door for me,” he says.

Although Ray’s business has become very successful and continues to grow, Ray actually admits to having doubts as to whether or not it would work. He got his first contract—a small one—within a month. He was nervous for the first three weeks, but when the 2nd, significantly bigger contract came in, everything seemed right for him. Eleven months later, his business has grown more than 1100%.

Giuseppe asks Ray about his most satisfying moment in business as well, in which he responds it was passing the goal that he set for his first year. “When I started with Heits I set a goal for my first year of this business. And with their help I passed that goal 11 months into the year and it’s still going.”

Ray is also asked about the toughest decision he has had to make in the last few months, and he answers that he thought long and hard about whether to buy new equipment or continue to rent. With all the special service work he has been doing, he decided to get new equipment. Just recently, he purchased a floor buffer and carpet extractor, and he is already well into recovering the money he spent on them.

When asked what the future holds for his business and what he is excited about, he says that no one knows the future, but he is most excited about tomorrow, because for him it just keeps getting better. For more information on Giuseppe, read more here.

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Giuseppe Grammatico is a highly motivated and experienced entrepreneur with a successful financial services background. He is the owner of Grammatico Enterprises Inc., which is affiliated with Heits.

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