Top Second Careers

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( — June 14, 2016) — Unemployment is quite high at the moment in many corners of the world. Because of this, people need to seriously consider new skills training as they would have a much better possibility of landing a job in another career. Making a fresh start is not as difficult as it used to be. Choosing that second career is what is really difficult. Some will recommend the accounting payroll business administration classes. Others will recommend social work. Every person has his own opinion about the topic. Because of this, the recommendations below are based on earning potential and employment possibility.


Nursing has to be seen as a top choice for everyone looking for their second career. It is perfect if you like to help people that are sick and if you are attracted to science, the career is very interesting. We see a nursing shortage is present at the moment so various opportunities are available. You will have to get a nursing degree bachelor of science that takes 4 years but there is also the possibility to opt for the 2 years AA that is offered by different community colleges.

Fashion Design

There are more fashion industry careers than many think. You do not necessarily need to be a designer to work in fashion design. The list of job opportunities ranges from merchandising to marketing. If you ever wanted to be involved in fashion, now is the perfect time to do so. Various degrees can help you with this second career and the pay is normally pretty good.


Some dream about being a teacher for their entire life. Others realize that this is their calling at a later point in life. Leaving an old job in order to pursue teaching is possible. In fact, those that do this are among the most satisfied and committed of the educators. Look online for the licensing requirements that have to be respected in the state where you live. This will tell you what steps have to be taken to become a teacher.


We have to mention this career because it is among the fastest growing ones available. That is especially the case for the business executive that gets out of the system and starts doing personal coaching. A life coach is important for many and can work in dealing with problems like relationships or careers. Coaching is highly rewarding for everyone in the industry as clients are really helped to change their lives. Accredited classes need to be taken though until you can call yourself a coach.

Interior Design

At the moment we can see a clear growth in the number of people that are looking for interior designers to help them out during remodeling or building homes. Space design is something that is more complicated than what you may think. An interior designer can be of huge help so if you love homes and design, it is a lucrative career opportunity that should be considered. Just make sure that you take all the classes that you could since the more you know about interior design, the better the work that you will do!