EZ-Level Amasses Nearly 2 Million YouTube Views

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(Newswire.net — June 15, 2016) North Port, Florida — Do-it-yourselfers and even professional building contractors sometimes struggle with getting kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities installed.  In particular, leveling the cabinets so that they are stable used to require complicated solutions that had a tendency to fail after a short time.  Not so with the EZ-Level cabinet leveling system.  Invented by Brooks B. Courtney, the system makes it easy to adjust the level of entire banks of cabinets, speeding up installation and helping to support expensive countertop surfaces like granite or marble. The company’s YouTube channel has been tremendously popular with viewers looking for information on the products and tips to install cabinetry in the home. As of June, 2016, the company’s YouTube channel has amassed nearly two million individual views. “We are absolutely thrilled by the response our videos have gotten on the YouTube platform,” says a company spokesperson.  “Getting so many viewers of our collection shows that our information is in demand by homeowners and professional remodelers alike.”  To view the company’s video collection, go to https://www.youtube.com/user/KitchenDesigner2/videos.

Based in North Port, Florida, the company has quickly gained a name for itself with its innovative solutions for projects in and around the home. The EZ-Level cabinet system consists of small assemblies mounted to the base of cabinet runs, inside the front lower panel called the “toe kick”.  Each unit is a class one lever with a load rating of 700 pounds, giving it more than adequate strength for the heaviest cabinet assemblies and solid-surface countertops made of stone or engineered materials. In traditional cabinet installations, shims are inserted under the cabinet runs.  Over time, they can slip and expand, creating stresses on expensive stone countertops and leading to breakage of those surfaces. Once installed, this innovative cabinet leveling system does away with every drawback that the old methods imparted to the process. The units are incredibly stable and take a fraction of the time to set up than shimming methods, making them ideal for first-timers as well as seasoned cabinetry installers.

EZ-Level is always seeking ways to make peoples’ jobs easier.  “Necessity truly is the mother of invention,” adds Brooks.  “When we identify a method to make working smarter and faster possible, we apply our innovative thinking to it for the end consumer.”  For more information on the Florida-based company and their line of innovative products for homeowners and building contractors, visit https://www.ekomi-us.com/review-ez-levelcom.html

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Invented by Brooks B. Courtney, the EZ-Level cabinet leveling system is in demand by remodeling contractors and do it yourselfers throughout the United States and beyond. The company, based in North Port, Florida, manufactures its products locally and backs each sale with outstanding customer service. They are committed to creating new products that help users work faster and more efficiently.


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