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(Newswire.net — June 30, 2016) Huntington Beach, CA — The rise of social media has opened new doors in the realm of digital marketing, and note business expert Halden Zimmermann understands that these platforms can transform revenue streams if companies use them to their advantage.  Digital advertising is an ever-changing medium, with practices that worked in years past no longer effective.  Marketers need to stay abreast of trends in order to maximize the return on investment these advertising strategies require. “Of particular interest is the relationship between Google and social media platforms,” says Halden.  “Google’s recent search algorithms allow tweets and Facebook posts to become visible as soon as they are posted on those platforms.”  This gives marketers a lot of powerful tools and stresses the importance of a robust online presence on media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. Social media has a secondary benefit in that posts there can influence website placements on search results pages.  Active social media profiles with regular comments and sharing tend to get their respective websites placed higher than competitors. To learn more, visit http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kc-agu/halden-zimmermanns-3-ways_b_9567722.html.

Digital marketing gives companies the opportunity to connect directly with existing customers as well as potential new ones.  Advertising on social media furthers this connection by allowing customers to interact and to share content with their peers. It also allows them to rate the quality of product purchases as well as to make complaints, and savvy marketers know that being able to respond to those complaints in a public forum demonstrates goodwill on the part of the product’s parent company.  Consumers feel invested in that their concerns are being addressed. 

No matter what new strategy or platform a company uses, Halden knows that content is still king. Having detailed content on a website improves search engine placement, but its power is far greater than search engine optimization (SEO).  Rather, original and relevant content helps put the information about a product or service into the hands of the consumer, allowing them to make smart purchasing decisions.  This can be a cost-effective method of stretching the advertising budget as well.  Many smaller companies cannot afford brand ambassadors, so providing robust content on the company website helps to build trust and credibility on the part of the company’s brand. “Content can be used to tell the story of the company and its products or services,” says Halden, who consults with businesses on digital marketing and brand promotion. “It is a tactic that can differentiate your company from your competitors.”  Discover more on his Goodreads page or Wiki.

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