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( — June 24, 2016) Carlsbad, California — An unexpected criminal arrest can lead to a number of difficult circumstances. While the accused individual waits for a court date, he or she can present cash or collateral to secure bail and be released from jail. Noted property appraisal expert firm TCO Appraisals understands that one’s property is often used as the collateral to secure bail bonds. In many cases, the property’s current value must be determined to ensure that it sufficient to cover a bail bond. Todd Ortlieb, president of the San Diego-based appraisal services company, knows that time is of the essence for appraisals related to bail bonds. “In cases where an appraisal is needed for bail bonds purposes, the process is expedited,” says Todd. “Services are rendered quickly so that the individual can be released from custody in as short a time as possible.” To learn more about the service, visit

While the company strives to provide all of its clients with timely appraisal reports and quick service, bail bonds appraisals are in a special category. First, it is centered on a hastily-made financial arrangement with a bail bonding agency and often represents a sizeable sum of money. Courts may accept a minimum of ten percent of the bail as a down payment before releasing an individual from jail, while others require substantially higher percentages or even the full amount set by the court. If a released individual does not appear for his or her court date, the bail is forfeited and the individual faces re-arrest and additional penalties. By securing a bail bond appraisal quickly, the process is expedited and the individual can be released in a matter of hours. Also, the property appraisals serve to satisfy the court that the collateral is available and of sufficient size to cover any bail forfeit if such a situation arises. Luckily, TCO Appraisals has years of experience working with law firms and bail bonding companies in the San Diego area. “We know what it takes to get the bail bond appraisal process completed smoothly and quickly,” adds Todd. “Our firm’s experience and our accurate, objective property appraisals makes the entire process as straightforward as humanly possible.” For more information on the wide range of property appraisal services offered by TCO Appraisals, visit

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