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( — June 28, 2016) Paramus, New Jersey — Individuals interested in going into business have more choices than ever.  One of the primary considerations is the option to become a franchisor rather than starting a new business from scratch., the global leader in online franchise directories and expositions, recently discussed pros and cons of the two options.  The company specializes in sharing information on low cost franchise opportunities in the United States to thousands of clients. Franchises may offer more stable business opportunities than traditional business start-ups, a crucial consideration for risk-averse new business owners. “There are a lot of benefits when choosing a franchise-based business,” says a spokesperson for the company.  “Choosing a franchise can save tremendous amounts of time and effort.”  To learn more about the company and franchise options for new business owners, visit

The first consideration is the format of a franchise business opportunity. Franchise businesses work by licensing franchisees to use trademarks, business systems, and processes to market and produce specific goods or services.  This represents a proven format for marketing and plan purposes.  Franchises usually have a well-known and recognized brand that comes with established management practices that have been demonstrated to work efficiently.  Next, many new business owners appreciate the delicate balance between corporate support and the feeling of independence that franchise opportunities present. The corporate franchisor can provide guidance and expertise, while the franchisee still retains the option of making local decisions that benefit the operation. The corporate support is critical for many new business owners, especially those who may struggle with securing financing and promotion of the business.  Corporate franchisors often include training in finance and operation as part of the agreement package, and some may even help secure locations for the new business. Those business owners who desire true independence may try to establish their own operations, but this can be risky.  “Franchises have a lot of built-in protection in terms of loan options and marketing support,” adds the spokesperson for  “People who want to start a business operation with a minimum of risk are ideally suited for low cost franchise opportunities.”

The company, based in Paramus, New Jersey, provides a thorough knowledge base for those exploring franchising opportunities in the United States.  For more information on the company and their extensive resources, visit

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