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( — June 29, 2016) Denver, Colorado — Brackitz, an award-winning toy company specializing in construction products that encourage open-ended and imaginative play for kids, attended and exhibited at ASTRA’s 2016 Marketplace show for the first time earlier this month. ASTRA’s Marketplace, which is held annually, is one of the largest trade shows in the specialty toy industry. This year, it took place on June 6 and 7 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, CO, making it an extremely convenient location for the Denver-based company. 

ASTRA exists to lead the way through play, bringing together its more than 1,700 members of the specialty toy industry to help each other succeed. By providing resources and support to the members of the specialty toy industry, ASTRA is the largest association servicing the specialty toy industry. The annual trade show offers a combination of educational sessions, panels led by industry leaders and hands-on product demonstrations. ASTRA encourages industry professionals to develop connections with one another, making it an ideal setting for those who want to build a network of industry professionals and learn new business strategies. Among the products exhibited at this show are specialty toys, cards and gifts, children’s books and music, cultural items, hobby supplies, educational and school supplies, juvenile products and baby products.

Brackitz attended the show to promote their newest product line, the Inventor Series, to specialty toy buyers. The company’s Inventor Series provides everyone with the ability to create unique builds with a variety of moving parts. Brackitz attach two traditional planks at any angle, enabling builders of all ages to construct everything from small-scale builds to larger-than-life, gravity-defying, 3-D structures with no limits. With multi-use plastic planks and new rotating pieces, the Inventor Series is versatile, durable and portable.

“We’ve been hearing great things about ASTRA, so we decided it was worth a try,” explained Rob Lubeck, President of Brackitz. “Not only was it ideal to participate this year since the show was in our hometown, but also and perhaps more importantly, we are looking to continue to create new retailer partnerships, and we were very pleased with the attendance and overall outcome of the show.”

As the 4th of July is quickly approaching, Brackitz is in a unique position, considering the wooden blocks are all made domestically in the United States. Made of American maple wood, the blocks are handcrafted to ensure a solid, strong connection. Unlike typical block toys, Brackitz’ toys go beyond simply stacking block toys on top of one another. The product line features a connecting piece that allows children to attach blocks at any point or angle, enabling them to design and create any structure they can imagine. This is made possible by the company’s one-of-a-kind plastic connectors designed to hold the blocks together. With these connectors, children are encouraged to use their imaginations to create unique and exciting yet sturdy structures that can grow as tall as they can build them. 

The company has garnered multiple awards not only because of their unique and innovative concept, but also because of the play-based educational benefits that their toys offer. Brackitz connecting toys provide a full STEM and STEAM educational experiences to children, helping them improve their math, architectural, science and engineering skills. They also lay the foundation for high-level cognitive thinking and reasoning, as well as problem-solving skills. Brackitz offer parents the comfort of knowing that their children are not only having fun, but are learning as well.

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Brackitz is a company specializing in construction toys for kids. Their block toys take building blocks to a new height and allow children to connect blocks at any point or angle. This allows children to create any structure they can imagine, improving their math, science, architectural and engineering skills. The toys are all made in the U.S.A.


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