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( — July 5, 2016) Glendale, California — 1-800-TIMECLOCKS is offering an easy to use yet powerful time attendance software product that allows companies to automate their timekeeping and attendance tracking. 1-800-TIMECLOCKS is a company that provides online time management products and offers solutions to any business’ time and attendance needs.

The TA100 PRO Time and Attendance Software eliminates paper timesheets, which is the cause of most payroll problems. It is designed to significantly reduce operating costs, and the company guarantees that the product will pay for itself in less than a year. The software will help business owners know exactly where their employees’ time and dollars are spent by implementing rounding rules.

The TA100 PRO Time and Attendance Software comes with a very simple system. Employees enter data at an electronic data terminal using a bar code, magnetic stripe or biometric technology. The software will then collect these transactions and the employer’s pay rules are then applied automatically, impartially and consistently. The system also comes with an optional PC entry which can be used whenever necessary.

The product comes with a variety of useful features. Its HR functions include tracking employee attendance, employee tardiness, department transfers, job transfers, and schedules; and automating employee time and wage calculations. A completely menu-driven software product, TA100 PRO allows every user to arrange information in an order that is convenient for them. The product also provides administrators the ability to change the names of key fields within the menu and reporting system. Furthermore, it comes standard with an export feature that allows businesses to send data to a third party payroll system without having to re-enter the information as well as an import feature that allows businesses to bring data into the system.

TA100 PRO has security and employee messaging features as well. Users will have their own unique USER ID and password. Filters are also included to allow supervisors to access only their respective employees.

The automated time clock polling and report generation capability of TA100 PRO will allow business owners to define a processing schedule. The software will poll the time clocks, process reports and even email them to supervisors automatically without operator intervention. 

By removing human error, accurately reporting employee hours and dramatically reducing the amount of time spent on payroll preparation, the flow of operations is improved and businesses are able to save time as well as money on operating costs. To learn more about TA100 PRO, visit

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1-800-TIMECLOCKS is a company that provides online time management products, such as fingerprint time attendance software. They offer simple solutions to businesses’ time and attendance needs and give their clients the advantage of comparing leading manufacturers that suit their needs. The company has been offering unbiased products and services since their establishment in 1993. They also have a team of service technicians that can repair time clocks onsite in Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, Ventura County, San Diego County, San Bernardino County, and Las Vegas.


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