Romar Supply Continues Lead in Growing Fabricated Steel Products Industry

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( — June 29, 2016) Irving, TEXAS –Romar Supply, a provider of process piping, valves, PVF components, and fabricated steel products since 1983, reveals that even as the fabricated metals market expands, it continues to pave the way with top product quality and customer service. Texas currently ranks Number 2 in the U.S. for the number of employees, production workers, and shipments, and Number 1 in capital investments, in the industry. Several large-scale trends are shaping this segment as well. Romar runs a fabricated steel operation from its 116,000 square foot facility, based in Irving, Texas, where it can produce fabricated steel pipe, roll hangers, skip units, and welded products, which demonstrate top-notch workmanship.

Mark Adair of Romar said, “It’s not only about us anymore. Despite numerous competitors and business moving into the Texas steel fab market, our company continues to stay on top, thanks to our state-of-the-art production facility and commitment to the best customer service in the industry.”

While many contractors are exporting steel pipe, aluminum plates, copper wire, and other commodities in large shipments, Romar continues to focus on the regional market. In 2013, Arvin Sango, Inc. announced plans to expand from its Indiana territory to a manufacturing facility in San Antonio, to aid in its supply of automotive components to Toyota Motor North America. Another trend is an increase in employment. Fabricated metals jobs in Texas rose by 5.1% from Q3 2013 to Q3 2014. “There are lots of changes and trends,” said Adair, “We’re as ready as ever to serve the fabricated steel and pipe, valve, and fittings market.”

Other trends in the fabricated steel products market include competitive bidding. This has led to savings on structures with standard designs, such as housing, warehouses, retail stores, schools, and offices. Bidding for more complex structures is more value-focused, because of the risks of poor quality and missed schedules. These include stadiums, bridges, medical buildings, industrial plants, oil platforms, and museums.

Technology has had an impact. The availability of smartphones and tablets, laser scanners, and 3D printers has made fabrication a faster, simpler, and cheaper process. Drawings, claims, and change orders, for example, can be transmitted electronically, instead of using paperwork, adding even more efficiency. A greater availability of energy resources and jointly operated design and construction efforts are also driving the improvement in the regional business climate and beyond.

By serving top contractors with forged carbon steel fittings, from leading brands such as Anvil and Bonny Forge, to producing fabricated stainless steel, weld fittings, and alloys, Romar Supply maintains its market edge. It works with more than 50 brands, including Bell & Gossett, Ridgid Tool, Hilti, and Anvil International, to continue to be a one-stop resource for over 1,800 customers throughout the region. It is family owned, so customers can expect to be treated as family, and a woman-owned business enterprise. Its business model has continued to succeed over 30+ years.

“With the market so hot, we aim to continue our expansion, and to increase the supply of our top-notch products and services. Our one-stop service model doesn’t hurt either,” Adair added.

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