Dana Seng Jewelry Unveils Birthstone & Initial Collection

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(Newswire.net — July 1, 2016) Los Angele, California — Dana Seng Jewelry, the Los Angeles-based designer of luxury jewelry pieces and collections, recently announced that the company has unveiled a new collection entitled “The Birthstone & Initial Collection”. Central to the collection’s designs is the personalization possible; customers can select their own birthstone or that of a loved one along with initials to signify that special someone in their lives. The pieces in the collection are crafted from delicate gold and precious stones and feature timeless beauty. Dana’s sleek, luxurious design sensibilities are apparent throughout the collection, which consists of rings, wrist and neck cuffs, chain bracelets, and pendants. “The collection includes pieces that are meant to be cherished forever,” says a spokesperson for the jewelry designer. “Customers can select the stones and initials that reflect their personal style and significance.” To view the collection, visit https://danasengjewelry.com/product-category/birthstone-initial-collection/.

The idea for the new collection sprang from pieces in Dana’s own personal jewelry collection. “I own a personalized piece that has my birthstone and my loved one’s initial,” says Dana. “I thought it would be wonderful to share jewelry designs incorporating personal meaning and truly unique significance with our many customers.” Customers can mix and match the birthstones and initials that mean the most to them, and can even choose the color of the gold used in the pieces.  For example, someone born in January can select a bracelet in yellow, white, or rose gold and the birthstone for their month (in this case, garnet). Of course, the full alphabet of initials finishes off the piece, resulting in a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece that flatters the wearer.

The Birthstone & Initial Collection joins several other popular collections crafted by Dana Seng Jewelry. One of the company’s hallmarks is the classic beauty and delicate designs that remain surprisingly affordable. Exquisite jewelry fills the company’s extensive catalog, with wedding rings and earrings joining the other pieces. The designer and her company have earned a well-deserved reputation for unrivaled style and class supported by some of the most comprehensive customer service in the jewelry industry. The pieces in the company’s extensive lineup can be worn with casual or formal attire, helping to pull together outfits that are ideal for any occasion. For more information about the company and their complete jewelry selection, visit https://danasengjewelry.com/.

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Founded by jewelry designer Dana Seng, Dana Seng Jewelry is a privately-owned business in Los Angeles that specializes in stunning jewelry collections. Each of the company’s pieces are crafted from the finest precious stones, metals, and diamonds. Dana’s delicate, feminine designs incorporate timeless quality with old-world craftsmanship, making her jewelry highly sought-after by individuals around the world.

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