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( — July 5, 2016) Santa Ana, California — In the water filtration industry, new products are continually being developed. In some cases, the newer models of systems, such as water softeners for the home, supersede older models that have been popular for residential consumers. Isopure Water, an industry leader in the complex field of water quality and filtration, understands this dilemma better than most. It was recently announced that the popular Fleck 7000 SXT was being discontinued by the manufacturer, and while there are other models that can fill its role, none are currently available for purchase online. Isopure Water is replacing the 7000 SXT with the Fleck 5810 SXT model, but the replacement is currently available only through telephone sales. The loss of Internet sales of the replacement model is difficult for the company as well. “Discontinuing the popular 7000 SXT model impacts dealers and consumers alike,” says Tan Pham, CEO for the water filtration company. “That model is one of the most popular for homeowners, and the discontinuation may push those consumers to off-brand water softeners purchased online.” To learn more about the discontinued model and its specifications, visit

The 7000 SXT valve model was designed for high-flow applications and a host of other advanced features, especially important for today’s larger homes. The 5810 SXT valve offers similar performance, including continuous service flow and backwashing capabilities. The problem with discontinuation of the popular model is that without the ability to offer a suitable replacement for purchase online, homeowners may choose to shop with companies that don’t have the experience or the certifications that Isopure Water has. And, unproven water softener models from less-reputable sales outlets online can create health and safety issues for homeowners.  “Purchasing an off-brand home water softening system online can result in expensive failures, creating damaging water leaks, mold growth, and unsafe drinking water situations in the home,” adds Tan.

Isopure Water and its staff of Certified Water Specialists are accredited through the Water Quality Association, a national organization that helps set water filtration industry standards for training and knowledge. This certification helps the sales staff of the company in providing their expertise for residential and commercial customers who may wish to purchase a water filtration or softening system. The company offers a wide selection of repair parts, replacement filters, and accessories for the brands they carry as well. For more information on the company, visit

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Isopure Water is an industry-leading water filtration expert that has quickly developed a reputation for quality, service, and selection. The company, based in Santa Ana, California, provides its customers with a huge selection of residential and commercial water filtration systems. The company also specializes in reverse osmosis systems and water softening technology. By offering a wide selection of systems and associated repair parts and accessories, the company stands as a trusted choice for water filtration needs.

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