Keeping DNS Simple

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( — July 5, 2016) —  DNS or Domain Name System stands for an exhausted list of numbers replicating addresses for each site you want to search. DNS is the foundation for your web browsing. The following is what DNS does. 

.  Email settings
.  Your domain name’s website
.  Controls your website

Best DNS Proxy (agent) for Travel 

Best Smart DNS bypasses regional restrictions of areas you are traveling and seem a step ahead of VPN technology. The comparisons of the SmartDNS and VPN are quite similar yet different. 

VPN offers anonymity, encryption and security for you in addition to high-quality privacy. Your use cannot be traced back to you or your location.  However, VPN does not let you access local sites. While SmartDNS does not provide you with this high level of security through encryption, you can access local sites and your browsing is not affected. 

Smart DNS unblocks all streaming in the part of the world in your actual location.  In other words, your position is hidden, and the web traffic you receive looks like it is coming from that server. 

Since SmartDNS does not change your IP address or encrypt your data.This data is unblocked through translation, interception, and re-routing to your current location. 

Your browser speed is not affected and proves to be faster than you are accustomed to using. 

Unblock over 200 Sites

Data like Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, HBO, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Playstation apps and more, you find unlocked by using Smart DNS proxy. This process offers you a host of Netflix reported channels in excess of 200, in over 25 countries.

SmartDNS can work in conjunction with Unlocator to do the following working with over 30 different devices. 

.   Offers over 200 channels
.   Available in over 25 countries
.   Supports SmartVPN
.   Supports IP address changes
.   Supports DynDNS service
.   Accesses hotspots
.   Accesses total internet connections 
.   No apps are needed
.   Easy setup
.   Supports PCs, Smart TVs, gaming consoles, tablets, laptops, routers, Smartphone, and more
.   Intended for streaming media and providing higher speeds
.   Unblock over 50 sites using SmartDNS

60-Second Setup

SmartDNS setup is easy. You choose your router type, and what device you want to feature with your SmartDNS. You can choose your computer, television (s), your computer, laptop, iOS/Android, or best yet you can choose every one of these devices for service at the same time. 

In Conclusion

A few useful devices provide excellent services when you travel internationally. However, if you want the best DNS Proxy for travel; you have to research and choose what is fits your travel needs and devices best. 

According to consumer reviews, SmartDNS is proving to be a very popular choice of DNS proxy for international and the United States travel. The following is what makes SmartDNS a favorite choice in DNS proxy for travel.

.   No log-ins kept
.   Secure DNS
.   Unblocks websites and streaming services in the area you visit
.   Provides a safe, secure and encrypted network
.   Works in conjunction with multiple devices
.   Offers featured automatic IP updates
.   Fast internet speed
.   Easy quick setup within 60 seconds