TeacherCast Inspires Creative Thinking in the Classroom

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(Newswire.net — July 6, 2016) —  “Are you today going to be crazy in your life and change the world?” This question was posed to Jeffrey Bradbury’s audience during his TEDx talk earlier this year in support of the neonatal intensive care unit and March of Dimes. 

Just over two years prior, Bradbury’s own world had changed with the birth of his triplets—three months premature. One son and daughter spent months in the Atlantic City hospital before Bradbury and his wife could take them home, while their other son was moved to a hospital in Delaware, where he is still being treated today.

It was during those first harrowing nights in November of 2013 that Bradbury knew his life needed to change. He needed a flexible schedule that would allow him to be mobile.

With that recognition, Bradbury poured his energy into growing TeacherCast—an idea already in its early development. The 15-year music teacher for high school students turned into a full-time technology teacher for other teachers.

“We had to make a family decision,” says Bradbury from his home in New Jersey. “TeacherCast is what it is because of the triplets. The triplets are TeacherCast.”

As a strong advocator for the integration of technology in the classroom, TeacherCast came naturally to Bradbury. The website provides a wealth of knowledge and how-to guides for teachers using technology for educational purposes.

Bradbury highlights the latest tools and teaching methods, visits classrooms, and helps educators infuse technology into their curriculums to create effective lessons.

“Technology is the classroom,” says Bradbury. “It’s not the future anymore, we’re here. My job is to say you can be more efficient and more effective using this particular tool.

“My job is to inspire creativity, to be the conduit for greatness between a teacher and their classroom, to help you do something awesome with your students.”

The website has expanded into a TeacherCast Podcast, TeacherCast University, Educational Podcasting Today, and TechEducator Podcasting, in an effort to appeal to various learning types.

“We know kids learn visually, aurally, or kinesthetically,” says Bradbury. “Who’s to say adults aren’t the same?”

TeacherCast satisfies all three types with videos, podcasts, and hands-on workshops. It also posts articles and blogs on new innovations, opinion pieces, and education trends.

“It’s really nice to help out my own teachers,” says Bradbury. “Every teacher wants to know how to help their students and their fellow teachers. This is a place for teachers to help others.”

Now in its fifth year, TeacherCast reaches hundreds of thousands of educators worldwide.

Bradbury was recognized as one of the top 50 educators using social media at the Bammy Awards 2012, and has since been nominated three times for Innovator of the Year. He is currently the coordinator for technology integration for the Westwood Regional School District in New Jersey.

As TeacherCast grows, so does the triplets’ reputation, dubbed the EduTriplets with their own Twitter handle.

“People know my story now, and are invested in my family. When I’m at conferences or workshops, they ask about them. It’s crazy. This is the craziness I want to inspire in others.”



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