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( — July 11, 2016) San Diego, California — In its quest to offer its customers the very best, Doctors Orthotics recently launched a new company website. The new site offers visitors improved functionality and navigation, helping them to locate information quickly and to help them get the most from their purchasing decisions. The overall site appearance is more streamlined than the company’s old website, showcasing product features better and creating a less cluttered visual landscape for customers. “We wanted to give our customers and site visitors a positive website experience,” says Dr. Saul Goldston, founder of the company. “Improving our website with this clean new version demonstrates our commitment to providing the best orthotics and the best shopping experience simultaneously.” Dr. Goldston was eager to create an improved website experience and worked closely with the team at Swell Marketing to create this new and improved user experience. To learn more about the company’s wide range of custom orthotic shoe inserts, visit

The new company website makes purchasing custom orthotics for the relief of foot, knee and back disorders easy. The custom orthotic categories are clearly labeled, directing customers to the right style for their unique needs. Categories include custom orthotics for work, casual, sports, and running-specific inserts. Customers are able to learn about the features each custom orthotic has and then make purchases directly from the individual product pages. One of the new features the website has is a “Specials” area that focuses on specific health considerations like Morton’s Neuroma or Plantar Fasciitis, two conditions that commonly require shoe orthotics to help correct. Armed with information about the conditions and the recommended orthotic type for each condition, visitors can make smart purchasing decisions. Doctors Orthotics has even rolled out an online customer contact form on its site called “Ask The Doctor About Orthotics”. Using this feature, customers can receive direct answers to their specific questions from one of the company’s orthotic specialists within 24 hours of submission. “We are excited about the new website features, with live chat during business hours and several other ways visitors can contact our company for further information,” adds Dr. Goldston.

As an industry leader in the custom orthotics business, the company strives to provide the highest quality products backed by great customer service. All orders ship free in the United States, and foot impression kits are shipped within two business days of orthotics order. Every custom orthotic is manufactured in the company’s United States-based laboratory and each product is backed by a breakage warranty that is the best in the industry. For more information about the company and its products, visit

About Doctors Orthotics

Leading the industry in materials and manufacturing, Doctors Orthotics produces custom-fit orthotics for walking, running, and everyday uses. The customized shoe inserts are designed to offers comfortable support and to alleviate the discomfort associated with a number of foot conditions. The company’s advanced laboratory system and state-of-the-art orthotic materials help customers get the custom orthotics they need at a fraction of the price that podiatrists charge, and every product is backed by the company’s lifetime warranty against breakage.

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