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( — July 14, 2016) Argyle, Texas — Therapy Ranch, the autism therapy center formerly known as ABA Ranch and Southwind has undergone rebranding with their new company name reflecting the core distinction of the facility. Therapy Ranch, the Texas-based autism therapy center embarked on rebranding efforts to eliminate confusion and to improve consistency across the company’s web and print information. “There had been a lot of confusion, with some referring to our facility as Southwind and others as the Therapy Ranch,” says a company spokesperson. “The new name eliminates that confusion and is a concise way of explaining exactly what we’re about.” This autism therapy company also launched a revised website in June, further streamlining online branding efforts. To learn more about the autism center and their treatment program, visit

The unique nature of the horse ranch environment helps improve treatment outcomes in children with autism. Traditionally, there are two autism therapy environments: the clinical setting with therapists at a medical or treatment center, and the home setting, where therapists and psychologists make visits to the child’s home. Parents researching appropriate therapy options for their children may tend to lean toward the clinical setting because it is more familiar; such facilities are seen as “real” medical centers. A center setting can provide the opportunity for more social interaction between children and more coordinated care between multiple therapies. By contrast, parents choosing a home setting may prefer their child to be in a more comforting environment in order to be more receptive to behavioral therapy. Therapy Ranch takes the best of both traditional therapy settings by enabling children to interact with others but feel “at home” while engaging in activities that increase social and communication skills. Therapy Ranch also provides greater opportunities for outdoor activities than traditional centers and individual homes. These group activities can include swimming in the ranch’s pool, flying kites, hay rides, riding horses, and playground time. The environment and activities earn the facility a reputation as North Texas’ premier autism therapy center.

Therapy Ranch was founded by Lynn Hawkins, MA, Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and is staffed by licensed clinical psychologist Helen Ferguson, Ph.D. along with registered behavioral technicians. Clinically-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) treatment and exposure to the outdoors combines to improve therapy results in the children with autism who come to the ranch, helping them to increase their social skills and to cope with over-stimulations that can lead to meltdowns. Children are rewarded for progress. “The rewards system we use in our ABA therapy motivates children to work toward earning really cool activities,” says Lynn. “The horses and other animals on our ranch help children maintain motivation to increase social and communication skills as well as decrease the barriers that interfere with learning.” For more information on Therapy Ranch and its programs for children with autism, visit

About Therapy Ranch

Therapy Ranch provides innovative therapy for children with autism in an outdoor ranch environment. The company uses Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), with board-certified analysts and psychologists working directly with behavioral technicians to ensure the utmost in therapy standards. The ranch is more conducive to progress than traditional clinical or therapy environments. Children learn social skills and coping strategies with one-on-one counseling and the added benefit of a range of outdoor activities, including riding horses.

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