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( — July 12, 2016) Huntington Beach, CA –Technology has greatly transformed the way the world conducts business. It has increased business productivity to levels that were unheard of and continues to improve day by day. Currently, the world is in the middle of a technological revolution where computers and the internet are pushing the boundaries of limitations to further enhance business productivity. Neil Camenker, a successful entrepreneur specializing in small business mentoring, discusses the usage of technology in small businesses and the different ways it benefits these businesses.

 Different types of technology are being employed by entrepreneurs and small businesses owners to help their business succeed. Among them is mobile technology, which is becoming increasingly prevalent in small businesses. Every day about 80% of small businesses use a mobile device at least once, statistics say. Furthermore, 56% of small business owners use it for scheduling and communication and about 30% for taking notes and creating to-do lists. 29% use mobile technology to check social media and around 24% use it for online banking. 

Cloud technology is also popular, especially with entrepreneurs. In fact, 92% of entrepreneurs use at least one cloud-based solution, with 52% using cloud-based storage. Entrepreneurs have differing reasons for using cloud solutions, with 48% citing cost-effectiveness, 45% citing flexibility, 43% citing ease of use, 39% citing improved business agility and 32% citing security.

According to Neil, the most important benefit of technology in small businesses is increased productivity, which translates into lower operating costs. With technology, more work can be done using fewer resources. It also allows for the automation of plenty of mundane tasks, allowing employees to concentrate on more important duties. In addition, technology gives small businesses the power to perform major functions without requiring the abilities of their workers. For example, bookkeeping functions and the sales function can now be automated through certain software applications and contact management sites. By doing this, labor expenses are significantly cut down since businesses can now do more with fewer workers. For more details about Camenker, continue to:

Technology also eliminates the need to file huge amounts of paper work or the need for double entry systems. Important documents can now be stored in virtual data warehouses, which can be accessed in minutes, eliminating the need to rent or purchase storage space.

Another important benefit of technology is increased communication. Communication is extremely vital in the business world, and technology allows small businesses to communicate fast and effectively. Workers can now get in touch and collaborate wherever they are in the world and exchange information in a matter of seconds.

All these, along with several other benefits, are what make technology necessary in every small business, says Neil. To learn more about Neil, visit:


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