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( — July 12, 2016) Saint Louis, Missouri –Over the past several years, record high temperatures have exacted a deadly toll among elderly residents in Midwestern cities like Saint Louis, Chicago, and Kansas City. The elderly are especially susceptible to health complications arising from high temperatures, and they require special considerations when the thermometer rises. Dr. Devon Golding, MD, a noted family practice physician in the city of Saint Louis, knows first-hand what sort of special care elderly patients may need, especially those that are on tight fixed incomes or are indigent. “Elderly patients can struggle in the heat of summer,” says Dr. Golding. “Their special needs must be met with compassion and care throughout the warm months.” To learn more about Dr. Golding, visit

Dr. Golding spends much of his time caring for elderly patients. One of the first things he realized when he established his medical practice in Saint Louis was that many indigent elderly people in the city were not able to afford air conditioning. Since older individuals can no longer cool themselves efficiently through sweating, air conditioning is a requirement that has life-or-death consequences if it is not available. Hydration is another key component of caring for elderly patients during the summer. Patients must receive adequate drinking water as long as the temperatures are high. Perhaps most important, however, is someone to look after the needs of the elderly. A trusted friend, a family member, or a social worker should check on older individuals regularly throughout the heat of summer, helping to ensure that they are adequately cared for.

Dr. Golding’s own efforts include establishing the Saint Louis Cooling House, a medical facility where the poor without air conditioning, safe drinking water, or electricity could receive help. Several bed-ridden patients remained in the facility for up to two weeks until the worst of the summer heat had passed, while others received supplemental oxygen and other healthcare as required. Dr. Devon Golding was recognized by the city of Saint Louis for his work in helping to save many lives during some of the worst summer weather the city had ever experienced. By addressing the needs of the underserved, especially in the poorest African-American neighborhoods of the city, Dr. Golding was able to share the compassion and care instilled in him by his family and his medical training. For more information, visit

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Dr. Devon Golding is a family health physician practicing in St. Louis, Missouri. Originally from Jamaica and educated in the West Indies, he is renowned for bringing healthcare to the indigent and underserved populations of the city. Dr. Golding has been crucial in developing socially-conscious medical solutions, and performs charitable works in his free time. His passion for medical care and his experience make him a vital asset to the people of Saint Louis.

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