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( — July 19, 2016) San Clemente, California — Smart home devices are maturing rapidly, with dozens of manufacturers and hundreds of individual devices competing for market space in the industry. One of the difficulties homeowners face is finding ways to control disparate devices. Smarter Home Automation, the Web’s leading information resource on smart home systems, understands the challenges homeowners face when selecting systems for their homes or offices. In an effort to improve user-friendliness, smart home ecosystems have been developed by some of the industry’s major players. These ecosystems promise improved function and control, allowing a range of devices to be controlled by one “master” application rather than several standalone smartphone apps. To learn more, visit

There are two categories of smart home ecosystems. The first is standards-oriented and includes systems like Z-Wave and Zigbee. Z-Wave is a mesh standard that many security devices like smart locks, door and window sensors, and fire alarms use. Many other products rely on the Z-Wave mesh, such as garage door openers and smart lighting devices, and the flexibility of the standard ensures that many more devices will be able to work with this ecosystem. Similarly, Zigbee hub was originally developed to control smart home lighting systems, but it can also “talk” to a range of other smart home devices and offers improved control for homeowners. The second ecosystem category is the personal assistant-based system, such as the popular Apple HomeKit built around Siri, Amazon’s Echo and the Alexa personal assistant, and Google’s own assistant technology. Many of these personal assistant ecosystems utilize WiFi, giving them the ability to control products like Ecobee3 thermostats, LIFX’s smart colored and white lighting, and Osram/Sylvania’s Lightify products.

Personal assistant ecosystems can also interface with products using the Z-Wave or Zigbee mesh standards, adding even more interaction and control for homeowners. A good example of this is the Philips Hue smart color lighting system, which is a Zigbee-based mesh but also “bridges”, or communicates with, HomeKit and Alexa ecosystems. “The next year will be the time of the ‘early adopter’,” says Art Feierman, founder of Smarter Home Automation. “Beyond then, we will enter the beginning of a ‘new generation’ in the home automation mass market.” For more information on Smarter Home, visit their website at  

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