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( — July 19, 2016) Henfield, West Sussex — Saltori, a system of structured thinking today followed by people from nearly 140 countries worldwide, has announced the introduction of a new board game, currently undergoing its final tests. Company owner Andy Shaw said in a recent blog post: “As each subsequent game is played less and less changes are required, so now after just a few minor tweaks it will be ready for the designers.”

According to Andy, it’s now been tested on ages from 8 to 60, though admits that feedback to date has come from a somewhat bias audience. Comments about the Saltori board game include: “It’s entertaining, gets plenty of interaction between family and friends, and later helps to change thinking as life’s situations come up, but most importantly of all, ‘it’s fun!’”

Andy affirms that the game’s main emphasis wasn’t actually on direct education, adding: “Education is to be the overall effect of course, but this will be achieved in a rather out of sight way. The main focus point is for it to be pure fun, but at the same time help to relax the mental barriers to change mode. When we finally launch the game, we shall be looking at producing a limited edition first run of the game for people who currently study the “A Bug Free Mind” materials, and will probably be limited to somewhere between 250 and 500 people.”

A business plan has also been unveiled for what Andy describes as a ‘Monopoly’ type board game, the rights to which he plans to sell to a major toy manufacturer under a royalty agreement, whereby allowing Saltori to use their distribution network. The company are also planning on to creating a deluxe game version, which would be aimed purely at people who already live by concepts of Saltori structured thinking and “A Bug Free Mind”.

Regarding availability Andy says: “We reckon that in four weeks we should have some images ready to show people. Next step will be to get the prototype made, while we get all the legal issues sorted out. The current loose time frame plan is a one day launch event in the UK, either in October 2016 or February 2017.”

More information about the structured thinking system by Saltori can be found on their website, which also offers a unique personalized happiness test, along with other personal development material as free downloads.


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