Massacre at a Celebration in California

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( — July 18, 2016) — According to the police from Kern County in California, about 150 people were at the party in South Bakersfield when someone suddenly opened fire from a passing vehicle early Saturday morning.

Police have said that fourteen people were wounded, two of them with critical gunshot wounds but are expected to survive. People were struck in their legs, arms and chest. They were taken by ambulance to the hospital.

The police have not yet announced the names of the victims or their ages.

No one has been arrested yet, and the motive for the attack is not known, Kern County Sheriff’s Office reported.

Deputies were dispatched to a shots fired call at 12:55 a.m. in the 600 block of Stephens Drive, reports the website, and added that party-goers were standing in the street and in front of the residence when a vehicle drove by, and an unknown number of people inside began randomly shooting into the crowd.

The Sheriff’s Office is investigating but is not sure how many people were in the car. Authorities did not have a description of the vehicle, or of the shooter or shooters.

Detectives are looking for suspects, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Kern County Sheriff’s Office.

Bakersfield is about 94 miles north of Los Angeles, and the shooting occurred on a suburban street lined with tract houses not far from the freeway interchange of highways 99 and 58.

Unfortunately, shootings in this area have become frequent, and the police are overwhelmed with protecting and securing the area.

According to the website, there have been at least 29 shootings and 14 dead in the Bakersfield area in the past several months.

In April and May 2016 alone, sheriff’s deputies responded to 23 reports of shots fired. In these cases, five people were killed and nine were injured but survived.