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( — July 19, 2016) San Francisco, CA –Frank Nemirofsky, the founder and CEO of the company expHand, discusses some of the many innovative capabilities of their revolutionary product, which is also called “expHand”. According to Frank, the product is not a set of apps; rather, it will be a major component of the operating system on all smart devices. The phenomenal company’s development teams come from the senior levels of leading technology, media, communications, and data companies. Frank himself was the former CEO of SmartTV at Warner Bros. Inventor Site Media.

According to the company, expHand empowers the individual and connects “an analog and digital fabric that touches all aspects of people’s lives”. Some of its major features include transforming and connecting all media, advertising, and content from passive to interactive and individually-targeted; improved payment and data; and enhanced network connectivity. Once an individual opts into “The Network of Things” of expHand, their specific behaviors and activities will be joined together with a combination of networks, network components and/or other things to perform personalized networks of all types. This will allow users to influence and positively enhance their lifestyle in any way they choose.

Frank also guarantees that expHand will empower all industries through their SmartData and Analytics. These features will make enterprises’ customers’ daily experiences simple, enjoyable and personalized by analyzing the preferences and habits of their customers. The product will also allow businesses to identify, measure and predict the desired outcomes of their customers. In addition, it will allow for a better work collaboration between people and machines. expHand will facilitate transference of user commerce data and enable commerce to be conducted on the go with wireless terminals. Payments will be sent and received easily with smart devices, and paperless coupons and loyalty offers will be offered as well. Discover more about Frank at

Another capability of expHand is Adplexing where it allows businesses to send targeted offers to a person’s smart device based on their preferences and purchase history. It also features Localplexing—a capability that allows users to simultaneously receive ads from local merchants. Users can then choose one or more ads by touching their device’s screen or using voice command. Their SmartData and Analytics features will continuously update a complete user profile only expHand can obtain, and using the data obtained, a thorough and highly reliable analysis of each user will be made using information that is not available in traditional models.

expHand comes with the company’s patented PayChoice, which the company refers to as the “the only payment completely empowering the individual”. This feature will analyze and merge a multiple number of an individual’s debit, credit, stored value, checking, saving, line of credit accounts, pay-as-you-go, Blockchain and many more to maximize best way to pay, gain points and receive rewards. It will also move ApplePay, Samsung Pay, Paypal and other similar systems to become cross-payment or all-payment models. To learn more about his professional career, visit:

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expHand is a company that specializes in providing capturing and linking media to purchase products directly through a mobile phone worldwide. Its network integrates advertising, media content, mobile payment, and search engines to improve the lives of retailers, advertisers and consumers.

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