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(Newswire.net — July 19, 2016) Santa Barbara, CA –As the housing market continues its recovery in the United States, there are many opportunities for real estate investors to capitalize. The experts at Spectrum Realty in Santa Barbara, California, understand that despite the opportunities available in real estate purchasing, investors need to be smart with their finances. The company has been providing investors with sound advice and market knowledge for many years, and has seen the real estate industry go through changes in its 30 years of operation. Many new real estate investors are entering the market, and even more experienced speculators often find themselves overextended. “It pays to do research prior to making a large investment, regardless of that investment type,” says a spokesperson for the realty firm. “There are several tips that can help investors get the most for their money.” To learn more about the company and property listings in their service area, visit http://www.spectrumrealty.com/home_rentals.

 One tip the company shares with clients is that purchasing properties to rent or lease is a good option for many investors. Rentals can help allay the cost of mortgages, allowing the property to virtually pay for itself in many cases. Another tip that applies to investors is to be sure that their credit ratings are solid and that they have a good bank or mortgage broker ready to step in for help. Many lenders require a minimum FICO score of 700, so poor credit ratings can impact the types of properties a potential investor can purchase.  Spectrum suggests that investors speak to other real estate speculators in the area to learn as much as possible about prevailing market conditions.  Investors are often more than happy to share their experiences with newcomers.  Finally, it is vital to find an experienced, professional real estate brokerage to help guide investors through the complex processes involved. 

Spectrum Realty has served clients throughout the Santa Barbara communities, including Isla Vista, Goleta, and Carpinteria.  In addition to helping customers buy and sell homes, the company also offers professional property management services. “Buying a property with the intent of leasing it is a great idea, especially for first-time investors,” adds the spokesperson.  “By working with a company that thoroughly understands property management, your investment receives greater protection than trying to go it alone.” For more information on the range of services offered by the firm, visit their website at http://www.spectrumrealty.com/.

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Founded in 1984, Spectrum Realty provides clients with a wide range of expert real estate services. The company, based in California, represents customers in sales, purchasing, leasing, and rentals of real estate properties in the cities of Santa Barbara, Goleta, Isla Vista, and Carpinteria. The realty firm is a member of the Santa Barbara Rental Property Association, the Association of REALTORS, and the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

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