UK Millionaire Responds to Die-Hard Brexit Remain Campaigners

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( — July 22, 2016) Henfield, West Sussex — Andy Shaw, the mastermind behind Saltori structured thinking, recently revealed some of the mindset lessons he’d picked up during the Brexit referendum campaign. He has also explained why Remain supporters had acted the way they did following the Leave victory result. In a recent blog post he affirmed that his own viewpoint wasn’t rubbing in the fact that the Leave campaign had won, but was meant to expose critical factors regarding accurate thinking, which he says had been lacking from both sides during the recent Brexit campaign.

An image of Gandhi published in the blog post with annotation “Thursday June 23rd 2016 WAS Great Britain’s Independence Day – “First your’re ignored, then you get laughed at, then they fight against you, but then you actually win.” – Gandhi.”, has sparked off anger among some readers.

Referring to this image, and Gandhi’s words, a female remain supporter wrote in her comment: “No, we are NOT out yet. It’s an outrage that you’d dare use Gandhi’s words and image in context with such a sad event. “Independence Day” makes out we’ve been condemned to be America’s *****, rather than staying strong with fellow Europeans.” While referring to Leave voters, she said: “There’s none so blind as those who WILL NOT see!”

Andy explained that the lady was talking about the fact that Britain had voted to leave, but had not yet left. In his response, he said: “I’m going to answer this two ways. One, as a response, and two from a mindset point of view.” He said he thought that Gandhi’s words were spot on for this. In fact he said that from the leave side’s point of view those words perfectly fitted what they had experienced to perfection.

Mr Shaw did agree in that they weren’t “Out” yet, adding: “Time is of the essence! I expect we’ll get a much better deal than Norway did. During the campaign I was told many times by the Remain campaign that this wasn’t possible, however I was already aware of the financial problems the EU had got on their plate, giving us the upper hand in negotiaion talks.”

Regarding the comments made about the UK’s special partner, Andy replied: “We are not going to be ‘America’s *****‘ as you say, of that I’m sure. We may have been if we’d stayed in, as we’d have seen the National Health Service’s break-up speed increasing, and Fracking quickly appearing in the UK main stream, along with other nasties, but these were my main 2 concerns along with the TTIP deal, which the EU will be signing up to soon.”

Andy Shaw, confirmed Brexit leaver and millionaire, has pointed out several mindset lessons he’d picked up on during and post Brexit, which can all be read in full on his website




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