Halden Zimmermann Discusses Data-Driven Analysis

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(Newswire.net — July 26, 2016) Huntington Beach, California — The phrase “Big Data” may be the buzzword in today’s business circles, but the concept has truly revolutionized decision-making across many market sectors. Halden Zimmermann, a business expert and global marketing strategist, understands that data and its analysis can make or break important decisions a company undertakes. Similar to the concept of evidence-based decision making in the science and medical fields, data-driven analysis takes precedence over older methods such as intuition or personal experience when making those critical business decisions. “Every decision one makes in a business can have long-term impacts that shape the way the company grows,” says Hal. “It makes sense to analyze available data in an effort to make the right decisions – those that help, rather than hinder, a company’s operations.” To learn more about Halden and his experiences in the business world, visit https://foursquare.com/haldenzimmerman.

Data-driven decision making strategies have been implemented as a way for many companies to gain vital competitive advantages. Studies conducted in the business world have shown that organizations using these evidence-based methods had higher productivity rates and substantially higher profits than competitors who stuck to outdated business methods. An example of a data-driven analysis would be a company that studies demographic information to better tailor marketing materials. If available data shows that a certain age group prefers a specific product or service, this data can be used to formulate marketing strategies that further capitalize on that population of customers. Other data-driven analytic decisions concern the development of specific products, especially those in the technology and medical sectors. Because product development in these markets tend to be volatile, any misstep in analyzing market data or failing to understand what the data indicates can be catastrophic for a company.

Halden Zimmerman stresses that data mining isn’t for everyone. “The process can require the skills of a professional with experience mining and analyzing collected data,” he says. “Although there are automated software packages available for this task, an experienced analyst has valuable insights into the quality of the data collected.” A seasoned business analyst can also gauge the effectiveness of interpreting the data prior to making critical business decisions. Finally, it is crucial to understand what the collected data is NOT telling a decision-maker. “Critical thinking skills and some background in statistics can be very beneficial to an organization,” adds Halden. “A business must analyze all available information before forging ahead with potentially risky decisions.” For more information about Hal, visit https://angel.co/halzimmermann.

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Hal Zimmermann is a noted expert and executive leader. With a background in mechanical engineering and education in business administration, his talents have led him to become an integral part of several major corporations. Halden has been able to help companies discover and capitalize on emerging global markets. Continuous improvement strategies he developed helped those companies streamline business operations and allowed them to increase production while reducing overhead. His insights are in demand from businesses across a wide range of market sectors.


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