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(Newswire.net — July 29, 2016) Huntington Beach, California — To say that Halden Zimmermann has had a varied and diverse career would be an understatement.  The well-known businessman, entrepreneur, and writer has enjoyed tremendous success over his years in various industries, and he recently took time to reflect on some of the highlights of his career spanning the past 20 years.  His educational background in engineering and business administration gave him a powerful set of tools that he has relied on throughout his career; with specialties in both continuous improvement and in digital marketing, Hal has shepherded companies through product development, market expansion, and new sales records.  “At my first professional career out of college, where I was a manufacturing engineer, my supervisors quickly discovered my passion for process improvement,” says Halden. “I quickly rose through the ranks there, becoming plant operations manager in just a few short years.”  To learn more about Hal’s education and early business experiences, visit https://vimeo.com/haldenzimmermann.

Halden then transitioned into the medical equipment manufacturing industry.  Here, he was able to lend his talents in marketing to help several companies discover and capitalize on new global markets.  He had several roles at corporations involved in manufacturing laboratory instruments and patient monitoring equipment, including sales manager, product development manager, and more.  His mechanical engineering background gave him valuable insights into manufacturing processes, while his management prowess helped to bring out the best in any team he worked with. At one of the manufacturing companies he worked with, he was responsible for managing the marketing and sales efforts for the company’s $9 billion medical products division.  That company and others enjoyed improved revenue streams as a result of Hal’s expertise, especially those that took advantage of emerging global markets he identified.

Hal Zimmermann currently serves as the President of a prominent motion control manufacturing firm, guiding the company as it produces precision OEM components for the aerospace, military, and automotive markets. His skill with process improvement has been instrumental in streamlining manufacturing processes.  “In complex manufacturing operations, product development can take years,” adds Halden. “By applying the principles of Continuous Improvement and Lean Six Sigma, development cycles are shortened and market penetrations increase.”  His company is positioned as a leader in its field, thanks to the talents and passion Halden displays in every role he has filled in his career. For more information on Halden and his work, visit http://www.slideshare.net/haldenzimmermann.

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For many years, Halden Zimmerman has been helping businesses improve revenue through digital marketing efforts and manufacturing process improvement. His expertise in identifying global markets and launching successful product campaigns has made him a valuable asset to any company looking to increase its international market share. Among his achievements, Halden has been instrumental in developing innovative business strategies, especially in the technology and medical products sectors. His diverse educational background and professional career have prepared him to overcome any business challenge.

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