Google Photo Sphere Gives Power to The People

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( — July 30, 2016) — Photography on mobile devices has been following certain trends and you can easily spot the next big thing. First we just fell in love with high quality pictures followed by panoramas, then we started slapping filters on pictures, then emojis and now the big thing is spherical panorama.

Google Photo Sphere is a nice little feature on the stock camera app. Up till recently, we have had the possibility to use it through Google Street View, but now it can be done directly through the camera app. Just pick the 360 option and start taking pictures from the angles your phone tells you to. After you filled the sphere, just wait a moment and you get to share all of your surroundings with with your friends of just keep as a beautiful memory.

Now it is only fair to say, that Photo Sphere is by no means the first app to do 360 degree spherical panorama, but it is the first good one on Android. Up to this point, people haven’t had many options when it comes to 360 degree photography, let alone many good options. Once again we get to say it, Google to the rescue.

Photo Sphere is not just a neat little feature on your phone, it is a way to give you more power and control. Even though normal photos are a good way to remember where you have been, a 360 degree sphere gives you much more. You get the feel of the location and it is much better for conveying the proportions of the surrounding. Buildings and monuments tend to look smaller in photos, but with a photo sphere, you can really see how massive things actually are.

Control is in your hand

Whether you decide to use it is up to you. The key thing is the option to do so. Many people tend to wonder why we need all these new features and apps on our phones and the answer is control. We get to control how we choose do things and we have the power to do what we want. Your phone is a tool for you and how you use the tool is up to you. These little features and apps are giving us more control on how we want to do the things we need to. If you want to take a good photo of your surroundings, you now have a option to do so. Same goes to every little thing in your daily life, with the correct app, you can make your every day life just a little easier.

This is the same reason why services like Über, Lyft and Airbnb are making such big waves. They give the consumer more power to make decisions for themselves and you are no longer constricted by having only one way. Same goes for more simple things like paying for things. Services like SIRU are giving you the option to pay everything with your phone. Not just online purchases, not just real life items or sevices, but everything. If you want to pay for a bus, SIRU Mobile payment, casino games online, SIRU Mobile payment, theater or opera tickets, well you get the picture.

All these little things are a big reason why we love the modern times. We don’t need a futuristic wrist computer, we already have one. Your phone has the potential to for everything, we just need to unlock it.