Pokémon Go Has Taken The World By Storm

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(Newswire.net — August 1, 2016) Fort Worth, Texas — If you are unaware how the game works, Pokémon Go invites players to go hunting for digital Pokémon characters on their smartphones.  The game requires the physical exploration of the real world in order to find Pokémon characters that are placed using GPS satellites that are feed data from an algorithm created by Niantic Labs, a gaming and software company.

Since the launch on July 6th, there have already been reported incidents of enthusiasts of the game being injured and robbed.

With real-life safety being a valid concern for players of the game, experts have suggested a few safety tips for staying safe while playing Pokémon Go:

There is safety in numbers

When playing the game, using the buddy system makes good sense for player safety.  In case of injury to a player, a buddy can help summon assistance or to transport the injured individual to a health care facility.  Lone attackers are also less likely to approach a small group as opposed to an individual.

Do some planning for a Pokémon journey

If a player is looking for Pokémon characters during the day, it makes sense to bring a hat, some sunscreen and lots of water to stay hydrated.  Even if a player is planning on staying in highly-populated and well-lit areas when going Pokémon hunting at night, carrying a handheld portable flashlight for additional illumination is a very good idea.

Don’t play Pokeman Go while driving, biking, while on a skateboard or when running

Since the introduction of the smartphone, there have been many instances of individuals who were moving in some form while looking at the screen of their phone and who ended up in the emergency room as a result.  Since playing the game requires players to use the information that is presented to them on their smartphone display, this distraction, in conjuntion with being in motion in any manner, can lead to an increased risk of injury or even death.  Pokeman success, as rewarding as it many seem, is not worth putting one’s life on the line.

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