E.coli Fears on the Rise General Mills Issues Flour Recall

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(Newswire.net — August 4, 2016) —  Yet again the nation faces fears of an epidemic of E.coli as General Mills recalls flour that has made a total of 46 known people sick as reported by 21 states. The question that is being asked at this time is how E.coli ever got into the flour in the first place and also, how will this have far reaching effects on other industries such as manufacturers of cookie dough. At the moment the incident is being investigated and the FDA is issuing warnings pertaining to widespread concerns.

Cookie Dough Now Suspect as Well

One of the major concerns at the moment is cookie dough. Not only is it used in ice cream manufactured by just about every company that sells this culinary delight but is also eaten raw by literally millions of people in kitchens everywhere. One homemaker was heard to say “I have had to throw out my cookie dough because the kids will sneak in, open the package and grab a bite while I’m not looking. It usually isn’t a problem but now, who knows? Who knows where the flour came from that is in that brand?” And, her sentiments are being echoed by everyone who indulges from time to time in a bit of raw dough.

Cookie Dough Not the Only Concern

To compound the problem, flour and raw cookie dough are not the only concern at the moment. There are those who actually eat cake mix that is not baked. Some will lick the bowl after preparing the batter and others sprinkle the mix on a number of foods and treats, one of the biggest being ice cream. As far as ice cream is concerned, the question is being raised as to whether or not the companies that use the affected General Mills flour will also pull their products from the market. When used in the production of cookie dough ice cream products of course the dough isn’t baked.

E.coli a Growing Concern across a Wide Array of Industries

The latest recall on General Mills’ flour is only the tip of the iceberg. In recent months there have been concerns in several communities in almost every state about E.coli contamination from septic tanks that are overflowing with the potential to contaminate ground and drinking water. One community in Texas is addressing those concerns even amid the panic spreading from the flour recall. The residents of Wimberly, a town in the general region of Austin and San Antonio is expressing concerns in this regards as septic tanks are overflowing and there is nowhere for the runoff to go. Continual testing of drinking water is being conducted and officials are urging Septic tank maintenance until the issue can be decided whether or not to connect homes to the county system.

E.coli outbreaks are not uncommon and over the years there have been dozens of recalls on consumer goods that have tested positive for this potentially life-threatening bacteria. The latest flour scare is a bit on the unusual side because the bacteria is usually found in animal feces and there is the lingering question as to how it contaminated flour that uses no animal products. Even so, until the source is identified, consumers are asked to check any products with raw flour to ensure it is not a General Mills flour dated February of this year.