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(Newswire.net — August 9, 2016) Frisco, Texas — Busy lifestyles and long work hours mean that for many Americans, cleaning the home falls by the wayside. Many homeowners simply cannot find the time or the energy to properly maintain the cleanliness of their homes, and often wonder where to turn to for help. Texas-based TenList, Inc. was established in an effort to help homeowners find reputable cleaning service contractors in their areas. The company provides homeowners with the listings and reviews they need to make informed decisions in selecting the right contractor, and they do so without any service charges. “Calling contractors at random isn’t an effective way to find the right company for the job,” says a spokesperson for the company. “Using our free service, customers can see reviews and ratings on the best contractors available.” To learn more about the company and their service for verifying the quality of cleaning service contractors, visit www.tenlist.com/services/cleaning-services.

By simply filling out an online form, the company helps match homeowners with qualified, carefully-screened cleaning service contractors in their area. Homeowners need to do their homework when choosing a contractor to perform work around the home, such as checking the contractor’s background and to read customer reviews on the services they have performed.  Reviewing a potential contractor’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings is another good step before selecting a company. TenList works directly for customers, helping them do the all-important background checking for them; their scoring system is based on their BBB records, customer feedback, permitting records, licensing, and business reviews. The listing service is designed to find the top ten contractors in each city for each category of service, such as cleaning services, remodeling, plumbing, painting, roofing, and HVAC.  Their “Blog House” feature on the company website provides further tips for homeowners, such as the questions they should ask a potential contractor before hiring him or her to do work around the house.

TenList, Inc., based in Frisco, Texas, leverages information technology to help homeowners make contracting decisions that meet budgets, timeframes, and quality of work. Their proprietary recommendation and rating process was created in an effort to give homeowners the ability to find reputable, qualified contractors that can perform to expectations. With over 500,000 verified contractors and one million homeowners taking advantage of the free service, the company is poised to continue its growth. The company is continually adding verified service providers to its extensive database as well. For more information on the company or to explore their contractor listing service, visit the TenList website at www.tenlist.com.

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Established with the goal to provide customers with one-stop shopping for respected local contractors, TenList, Inc., has led the industry with its insightful listings and reviews. The firm carefully researches contractors and site advertisers, including interviewing their clients, to ensure that only the best of the best are listed on the company’s directory site. The company is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of their contractor selection process so that customers can make smart, informed contracting decisions.

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