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( — August 11, 2016) Long Beach, California — A couple’s wedding day is one of the best and happiest days of their life. Wedding Photography L.A & O.C, a small business specializing in wedding photography and videography in Los Angeles and Orange County, believes that every wedding is special and unique and deserves to be captured professionally to preserve the beautiful moments of that day for many years to come. However, finding a wedding photographer is not a simple task, which is why Wedding Photography L.A & O.C is providing several tips to help engaged couples find the perfect photographer quickly and easily.

According to Yazmin Garcia, co-owner of Wedding Photography L.A & O.C and founder of Photography by Yaz the first step in finding the right photographer is knowing the couple’s preferred photography style. Once they have decided on a style, Yaz says that couples should start looking for a photographer. It is a good idea to seek recommendations from family and friends who have gotten married in the last few years. Yaz suggests to take a look at their wedding photography and videography. The main goal is to see a photographer’s website. Make sure to fully read the services and packages that are offered. Determine if the packages that are offered meet your desires in terms of pictures, video, hours of service, and all other important criteria. After finding a good number of options, a couple can then narrow them down by determining which photographer meets their budget and specific needs. With only a few options left, the couple can then start conducting their interviews.

Interviews are one of the best ways to assess the professionalism and skill of the photographer. Couples should learn about their potential photographer’s experience in the field as well as their etiquette during the wedding. Wedding Photography L.A & O.C encourages all couples to have a one-on-one meeting with their photographer, as they must get to know each other, their personalities, style, and other critical information that cannot be learner through emails or a phone call. Make sure that the photographer does wedding photography for a living, not as a side job or as a hobby. Before the meeting, it’s important to examine the photographer’s website to see that the important aspects of the photos, such as angle, color, exposure, and clarity are evident. The same for video. If anything is not clear, you can ask in person. Lastly, it is important that couples ask about their rights, determine the total costs, and get the post-production details of the photography.

As a business that specializes in wedding photography and videography, Wedding Photography L.A & O.C knows everything that there is to know about focusing on the details to capture unique, high-quality photographs. Headed by Yaz and Erick, two professional photographers with over five years of experience in the field, along with an additional photographer and videographer, Wedding Photography L.A & O.C goes beyond expectations and makes sure to photograph each wedding beautifully for lasting memories.  

Wedding Photography L.A & O.C takes pride in their work and strives to make their clients feel satisfied and truly happy to have chosen their wedding photography or videography services. To learn more about Wedding Photography L.A & O.C, visit

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Wedding Photography L.A & O.C / Photography by Yaz is a small business specializing in wedding photography and videography in Los Angeles and Orange County. Consisting of two photographers and two other people who do both photography and videography, they offer additional photography services such as maternity, newborn and special event photography which includes sweet sixteen’s, birthday parties, anniversaries, baptisms, reunions, grand openings, and more.

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